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We’ve all heard the story; in Revelation Lugia, an early draft had Misty giving Ash CPR after pulling him out of the ocean. The moment was cut over concerns that it would look too violent. But having tried boarding it, I can’t say I agree…

(Of course, whether the kiss of life was involved in the cut scene isn’t clear, and I rather doubt it if I’m being honest. Still, felt like doing this.)

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◀◀ (Specifically, romances? :3)

Umi…Umi was Shamouti Island’s first in a long line of whom they would come to call “Festival Maidens”. She was the one who played the Heaven’s flute when humanity and the chaos that reigned between the three birds threatened to destroy itself. She…Is one that will always be remembered fondly.


favorite pokémon movies [1/?] “pokémon 2000: the power of one”

Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice or lightning… Lest these titans wreck destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water’s great guardian shall rise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail, thus the earth shall turn to ash.

Analysis: we all know Misty denies her crush on Ash to anyone who asks/accuses/insinuates/teases her about it, but I’m pretty sure she also denies it to herself until the end of the second movie.

Exhibit A: The earlier scenes of said movie. After Melody mistakes Misty for Ash’s girlfriend, we see Misty at the feast muttering - to herself - how ridiculous an idea that is. Tracey and Ash are sitting at the table, true enough, but they aren’t paying attention to her, and given conventions of cutting in film, when the muttering is played in a close-up the way it is, it’s safe to assume this is Misty voicing her honest internal thoughts.

Cut to the end of the movie, where Misty drops the “he’s got me” line. It’s not an explicit “I like him” confession, but it is Misty acknowledging aloud, after repeated claims to the contrary, that her relationship with Ash is a special one. Given all the tension between Misty and Melody that’s existed throughout the movie thanks to the girlfriend talk, the subtext isn’t hard to spot - she’s making peace with Melody. But she does so by indirectly recognizing that Melody, at the very least, had a point all along. It’s the only time Misty comes close to admitting her crush out loud to another character, and given her attitude earlier in the film, I take it as he finally admitting it to herself as well.

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Ah, Lugia...I wish to take in the sight of you. Please let me admire your beauty as I wished for all those years ago. I come to you without my capture rings or anything else, just myself. -@Jirarudan

What you did, what you attempted to do, is something that cannot be forgiven lightly…

However, it is true that humans can change….Minds and hearts can be mended and reborn. The crimes you committed are in the past and I hope that is where they will remain. If you come to me with pure intentions, I will grant what you wish–But know that my place is to maintain balance–Through whatever measures need be taken. I can offer you little more than my time, however; I hope that will suffice. @jirarudan