pokemon the movie: 2000


Here are my pop CD’s sorry about the poor lighting. I’ll post more later of other 90′s-2000s genres. I seriously have it all. 


(Slightly edited from the Twitter version) First one done! For those who only started to follow me in 2016, before ML, I used to draw a *ton* of Pokemon and even participated in a 30-day Pokemon challenge (that took me six months to finish _(:3」∠)_) 

Pokemon has always been a part of my life since I was a wee child so I decided to start off with an old favorite of mine: Lugia. (Fun fact: Pokemon 2000 was the first Pokemon movie I ever saw in my life). 



We’ve all heard the story; in Revelation Lugia, an early draft had Misty giving Ash CPR after pulling him out of the ocean. The moment was cut over concerns that it would look too violent. But having tried boarding it, I can’t say I agree…

(Of course, whether the kiss of life was involved in the cut scene isn’t clear, and I rather doubt it if I’m being honest. Still, felt like doing this.)