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An anonymous user requested that I upload the concept art from Myuutsu no Gyakushuu after reading this post. I’m sorry about the poor image quality (I took these with my phone). The scans in that old post are even older – I made those scans seven or more years ago, stored them on online storage, and since then no longer have a scanner.

To further answer the anon’s question, I don’t know where to get the concept art now. I received the concept art as part of a package with the Gyakushuu VHS fifteen years ago (omg I am old). It’s on a poster. One side is the concept art and the other side is, strangely enough, the dub promotional poster of the movie. The package also came with the English promo Mewtwo card for the movie. And the tape itself contains both the movie and the 10-minute short. There’s no subtitles; everything is raw.

I got the VHS from an online store that is now gone. Sorry. You can probably find it on eBay or something like that, though.


pokeshipping in every episode: Mewtwo Strikes Back original trailer

While early movie trailers often feature scenes that don’t get used in the actual movies, this Japanese trailer for “Mewtwo Strikes Back”/”Myutsuu no Gyakushuu” is exceptionally mysterious. In addition to some scenes that, while not present in the movie itself, still look like they could belong in the anime we know, it features this weird sequence that shows what looks to be an older Misty, along with Miranda (the pier master lady who tries to discourage the trainers from leaving for New Island in the movie), (a) Pikachu, and a pink-haired little girl whose identity is unknown. While I don’t subscribe to the theory myself, some fans believe that she might have been intended to be Ash and Misty’s daughter.

You can watch the clip here and read some additional commentary here and here.


In honor of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary, I created this trailer for The First Movie, based on the latest trailer for X-men: Apocalypse.  Hope y’all dig it!


Super Smash Bros Wii U - All Mewtwo Victory Animations (Japanese)

Notes: Mewtwo is now voice by Kenji Fujiwara, know by Axel in Kingdom Hearts,  Kimura Tatsuya in Hajime No Ippo,  Jake Martinez in Tiger & Bunny and Maxie in Pokemon Anime

AS ALWAYS, Mewtwo only speaks complete japanese in Japan (like Masachika Ichimura) and still not get it why nintendo USA not put dialogue in all countrys and jus put EVIL LAUGH, but had same dialogue in melee.

  • Watashi wa makeru wake niwa ikanai! (“I cannot lose!”)
  • Watashi wa naze koko ni iru no ka? (“Why am I here…?”)
  • Orokana。 (“Foolish.”)

Here is an example of a difference between the Japanese and dubbed versions of the first Pokémon movie, since you people seem to enjoy the comparisons :) As you can see here, the “Winds of Water” legend was invented for the dub as a means to explaining how Ash is later revived by pokémon tears.

Regardless of how one feels about the legend (I have heard some say it is cheesy), it does lead on to the symbol of tears in general - something that exists throughout the earlier part of the Myuutsu saga. Myuutsu cried when Ai (Amber) was passing, even though she said that according to her father, pokémon only cry tears of physical pain - never sadness.

Yet Ai, unlike her father and other humans, knows that pokémon can emotionally suffer. She thanks Myuutsu for his tears, then insists for him not to cry but rather to continue living.

Later, and exclusive to the radio drama, Myuutsu thinks to himself: “Living things don’t shed tears. If they do, they’re only tears of pain. I’ll not cry even tears of sadness or pain because I must be the world’s strongest. I don’t have sadness nor pain!” This thought, so deeply ingrained into him despite having cried for Ai, is perhaps why only he and Myuu did not shed tears when Satoshi was turned to stone. **Note: Or in Myuu’s case, it may be because it is rumored to be immortal and thus literally does not understand death, but that’s left for another entry.