pokemon team wave

I’m pretty sure Team Rocket’s reaction in the Alolan Dugtrio episode was based in Sharaku’s ukiyo-e art.

(and that in the background is The Great Wave off Kanagawa bruh)


🚀 Team Rocket! - A Team Looking For Their Leader 🚀

…Um … um. Testing! Testing 1, 2, 3… 

We’re the amazing Team Rocket! It’s been three years but we’ve rebuilt the team and restructured! We’re proud to announce that we’re back! Giovanni! Can you hear this?! … We finally did it! 

Where could the boss be, I wonder? I wonder if he heard this announcement…


I chose Team Mystic because I like blue and I like Articuno and I liked the look of the logo; I had chosen to be mystic long before the game had even come out in the UK.
But the more I see/think about the teams, I suit Team Instinct a LOT more - The eggs, the attitude with pokemon etc. I don’t have the attitude the stereotypical Mystics have XD I’d probably choose Instinct if I chose again XD
I also have THE BIGGEST crush on Spark like my GOODNESS


I dunno why I went for a classroom setting, but I bet Spark would have lessons outside XD