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After two years in the making, I’m finally translating the Pokeshipping moment in Shudo’s novelization of Pokémon The Animation for @taillow-suift. This scene takes place in a museum as Ash contemplates what his strategy to beating Brock should be. He’s already lost once and is looking at an Thunder Stone before an old man talks to him. 

 The old man is someone who has been to Pallet Town and met Delia when she was younger. Misty walks into the museum and overhears their conversation. The old man suggests that Ash use a Water Type, but warns him that there’s a chance he’ll still lose. Ash doesn’t want to be indebted to Misty more than he is and walks away from the old man.

“You mentioned it’s certain that I’ll win with a water Pokémon. In that case, I’ll just stick to using an electric type. See ya.”

Ash began to walk away.

“What’s his problem?” Misty shrugged.

“What’s your relationship with that boy?” the old man asked.

“Huh?” replied Misty.

“For example, are you his girlfriend? Or his fiancé?”

“Fiancé?” Misty had never heard these words before.

“Meaning, a relationship where you’re promised to marry each other…”

“Marriage….! I’m only 10!”

“Then you’re like the lid to his pot. I can see you two as Nidorina and Nidoran.”

“What?” She had no idea what he was talking about.

Nidorina and Nidoran were Poison type Pokémon, with close and matching names.

“What I mean, Miss, is that you and the boy look good together.”

Misty turned bright red.

“Y-y-y-you’re joking right! Who would say such scandalous……it was him. He said these things, didn’t he?” Misty lashed.

“No. It’s just, you two just looked like you got along well…”

“Unforgivable. A marriage like that would absolutely… My parents might forgive him but I wouldn’t. The real me would never forgive him. Never. Ash! Wait up!” Misty ran after Ash.

i’ve never seen a pokemon/khr crossover so i’m taking matters into my own hands. here are some headcanons. idk what i’m gonna do with this au


  • he’s actually terrible with pokemon but only because he’s scares so easily because the pokemon sense his anxiousness and that makes them anxious in return
  • he only really gets along with his mom’s kangaskhan and nidoqueen and it’s like having 3 moms tbh 
  • one day he gets chased by bullies and gets lost in the forest but he ends up finding an eevee that’s just as scared and easily spooked as he is and they become kindred spirits and best buds
  • he names the eevee nastu and she is his best friend and he takes care of her more than he takes care of himself and his mom even convinces him to put bows on natsu
  • tsuna is bad at catching pokemon and battling but he will do great things one day……just wait

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Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You!

Personally I can’t wait for the new Pokemon movie. The fact that Misty and Brock won’t be travelling companions doesn’t really bother me, don’t get me wrong I like both of those characters but the new ones seem likeable.

As for the changes, I think they’re a good thing.

What would be the point of going through the effort of making this move if its going to be the exact same thing as the first few episodes of the Pokemon anime?

The movie is probably meant to show an alternate story of some kind so the changes do make sense.


Welp here he is with Joy and his daughter. I wasn’t gonna design more kids but then I thought it’d be funny because isn’t it canon that Joys can only have more little Joys? I think it’s hilarious that Brock’s/his father’s genes are VERY dominant in their family (his siblings) and that Joys only have Joys no matter what the father looks like. This kid is an anomaly. Her name is Joyce/サチコ

(Brock’s still a doctor btw)

Pokemon fans, I have been informed that Misty and Brock will supposedly not be appearing in the 20th anniversary movie. I feel your pain. 

It’s celebrating the 20th anniversary so shouldn’t they be bringing back old characters for that sake? It’s just one movie, it’s not like Digimon tri. where you are trying to develop 8 characters plus build on three new ones. Where it’d be troublesome to juggle four extra characters in the whole scheme of things. 

But it would be a slap to the face to not have any appearances of these characters since Pokemon Advanced Generations and not even appear in the movie. 

we have nice GEM figures of all of the Pokemon girl companions up to this pint i think. That’s nice. I’m still personally waiting for my Daisuke figure to ship and arrive. Hope Miyako at least gets made if not both her and Iori. 

Like geez. I hope they get just a few minute cameo at least. 

Same hope they could at least have a brief scene with 02 kids to learn how they’ve changed and how they look. 

I feel your pain guys. I feel your pain. *shakes head.*