pokemon subway


So recently I got my hands on the Pokémon Black and White manga (booklet, volume 12)  including a chapter with the Subway Bosses which hasn’t been uploaded/translated online and is pretty much impossible to find anywhere on the web. So I’d thought I’d share a few pages with my fellow submas fans. I love how Emmet is talking back to Ingo and how he eavesdrops on the girls. xD

No copyright infringement intended. Please buy the book if you want to read the whole chapter. ~

The day had come.

He has dreaded it, for months now. But it was unavoidable. Jewels adorned him, a circlet of diamonds upon his head, but the weight it brought with it might as well have crushed him. Golden chains, woven with expertise, yet, chains is all they really were.

He did not want any of it.

This was not the life he was destined to live, he knew, as he stared into the mirror. The only thing that stared back was a fake, a shadow of who he couldn’t dare become.

This was not him.

He could not just sit idle, let himself be wed off to a monster. The bruises were still fresh, he knew, but the masses did not, and if they did, they would not care.

“I am a prince.” He whispered, shakily to himself. “I am not his trophy.”

Some little thing that I thought of while making lunch tbh. It’s not obvious at all, but it’s an AU where Ingo is a prince, and is being married off to the abusive king of a conquering nation. Is he saved by someone else? No clue yet