pokemon stuffed toys


I’ve finished all my sleeping pokemon. If you haven’t followed me long, you can see the other iterations of the sleeping pokemon here. I’m so proud of myself to have finished them in sculpture, drawn, and plush form :) It’s a personal goal that meant a lot to me, though it’s a shame sylveon didn’t exist when I was making the sculptures!

All of these are for sale in my shop. I also have a pre-order available here if you’d like to order one. It will be active until Thursday night so if you’d like to order, grab one now or wait until next year’s convention season :)


I had my interview at Toys R Us today and I think it went very well. I should hear back soon if I get the job! While exploring the store I saw this cutie and couldn’t resist selfie time.
I also got a free David’s Tea from my dad and did some art with my afternoon, finishing this embroidery (mostly).. Yay my first embroidery project done :)
I hope you’ve all had lovely days!

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five things you’ll find in my bag

  • umbrella
  • jacket
  • wallet
  • (on a weekend) my nintendo switch
  • jug of water
  • lipstick/lip gloss

five things in my bedroom

  • like around 10 pokemon stuffed toys lmfao
  • framed movie posters
  • paintings
  • a leftover bottle of vodka????
  • a shrek mask

five things i have always wanted to do in my life

  • live and study/work abroad
  • learn medical illustration
  • get stuff published!!
  • have more than 1000 followers on twit HAHAHAH
  • get a dog and a cat :(

five things that make me happy

  • good fanfiction
  • good movies
  • good tv shows
  • good food
  • good company

five things on my to-do list

  • (this is going to be extremely literally my to-do list)
  • finish my lit homework
  • pack my bags to go back to the dorm tomorrow
  • study org chem
  • study microbio
  • play breath of the wild lol

five things people may not know about me

  • im very short (ppl say i look taller in pics but i am. a tiny thing of 5 feet flat)
  • i genuinely enjoy chemistry
  • cinnamon rolls are my fave food ever
  • idk
  • idk

I HAVENT DONE ONE OF THESE IN A WHILE and also i tag: @redwing@kellytran@thechumbucketlist@anyadisee@bonifacios@marcandresfleurys @gyozaflower but only if u guys want lol

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I loveeeeeee your Blog 😍😍😍😍 I have some Pokémon stuffed animals and I watch every new episode, Because the host likes it too, Lucky me! 😍 but i Love my other stuffed animals of course a lot, too. ❤

Thank you!!! We have a bunch of pokemon toys too!!! Stuffed animals are the best. They’re so soft. I’m glad you get to watch the pokemon anime. I haven’t watched the new episodes yet but it looks really good!

Imagine A muggle-born bringing their stuffed pokemon toys to Hogwarts and their pure-blood classmates going ASDFGHJK WHAT MANNER OF CREATURE IS THIS?!! And being totally fascinated with this little pikachu toy, and then one of the lil shit Muggle-borns convinces them that pikachu is actually a real creature in the muggle world and all muggles have one and that’s where their electricity comes from and all the pure bloods totally buy it.


I cannot even handle a little bit how cute this leafeon came out!

It was soooo much work doing all those little leafs and the color transitions and the ears and… *dies*

I tried a different method of attaching the inner ear color here by sewing it on my hand to avoid doing a decorative stitch, but honestly it was much too much work for a small aesthetic appeal. I also put some wire in the tail and ears, but only lightly so they hold shape.