pokemon steven stone

what it is like being in the pokemon fandom:

if 👏🏽there 👏🏽is 👏🏽not 👏🏽at 👏🏽least 👏🏽one 👏🏽guy 👏🏽from 👏🏽each 👏🏽generation 👏🏽you 👏🏽wanna 👏🏽fuck 👏🏽you 👏🏽are 👏🏽doing👏🏽 it 👏🏽wrong 👏🏽bitch👏🏽


Chibi art with the villains, some other characters and pokemon! Art by Straw -he says it’s for an upcoming charm giveaway. (Archie, Maxie and Kukui might be double-sided; he’s still trying to figure it out)

Sorry Golisopod but you can’t fly and don’t have wings so that’s why you didn’t make the cut (what) (that makes no sense)