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I’m not really sure why people still complain about Sapphire being “too girly” in ORAS when Sapphire..



Had a

“Girly” side

She only hid that side of her due to believing her sensitivity was a weakness that had caused her friend to get hurt.

She literally says it right here…

She’s “girlier” or rather shows more sensitive traits in ORAS because she finally learns that having a sensitive side does not make you weak or useless. Which she also pretty much says right here…


Sapphires character development is pretty obvious… so how is it so many people get it wrong?… It’s underlying pre-mirage Island sure, but post-Mirage Island she shows her sensitive side (crying, fawning over cute Pokemon) much more. Fast forward a year to the Emerald arc and she’s completely comfortable with that side of her. So naturally add 3 years for ORAS and she’s still gonna be comfortable with her sensitive side, even more so.

So…what, Sapphire didn’t live up to the “hates everything girly” tomboy stereotype? Isn’t it better that she isn’t so one dimensional? That she is her own character rather than just a character type?

I find it kinda funny how Moon, while generally being polite and ready to help at a moment’s notice, is a bit of a complainer and quick to snap.

But when it comes to Lillie? A girl she just met? Through an encounter that nearly got her falling to her death?

“Oh, you have another problem? No problem, no problem at all, let me take care of that for you, there is no inconvenience.”

I swear I didn’t forget Lack-Two’s bday yesterday, just like all the other bdays lately they’re just in my finals/exams season in my schooling, so I haven’t had time to make them all something proper for their bdays QvQ So I’m hoping these sketches will suffice hhhhh


Round 268 showcases Blue and Silver’s escape.

People say that Blue hasn’t changed and she stays relatively the same even in GSC, but that’s the misconception, everyone is growing up in Pokespe, even Blue who still showed that congirl persona, but even Silver knows that she’s changing.

Blue never nicknamed her Jigglypuff because it was scar in her heart that stayed with her, a reminder of the past she never truly let go of. It was only until she met the Pokedex Holders that she named Jigglypuff, finally.

Out of the original Pokedex Holders, there’s Red and Green. Yellow doesn’t count at this time because she isn’t a Dexholder until the end of this arc where she inherits the last one. So out of those two, who is the one who actually nicknames their Pokemon? It’s actually Red who is known for nicknaming his Pokemon.

By the end of GSC, her Jiggly is actually Level 57, the picture depicted is 53, so this is before GSC because she rarely was in it until the final battle.

I just find it neat that the most likely candidate who influenced her is Red because he’s the one who nicknames all of his Pokemon.

FRLG may be my most hated arc, but geez there’s some small neat details that will make any Luckyshipping fan happy.

Okay so the short version: White is a very well balanced and well written character

I’m not even going to go into calling her a “strong female character” because that is a fucking loaded phrase that 1. puts unrealistic expectations on female characters and 2. pokemon literally doesn’t ever give a shit about gender roles like let me tell you

if you swing punches around or have a fucking Dragonite or whatever the fuck yeah you’re probably strong yes and that’s cool and all

but that isn’t the only source of strength ESPECIALLY in Pokémon when Pokémon’s entire theme is, has, and always will be finding your own kind of strength your own way

We’ve got fucking Cynthia who’s a really strong champion who’s rocking high heels and some of the longest and most fucking gorgeous hair ever okay

Her femininity is never called into question it’s never the LADY champion no it’s just the fucking champion and she’s awesome and kickass and yeah

Same with Iris. Same with Diantha! They’re fucking characters. They have their own personalities and goals and habits but they’re all respected for finding strength in their own way and honestly? Just being really passionate about whatever they do. Cynthia’s into the history of her region, Iris is trying to be the best dragon tamer she can be, Diantha’s a fuckin movie star, etc.

I could get into this same ordeal with all the gym leaders but I’d be here for eight hundred years so let’s move onto the point of this: White!

White is presumably fourteen years old, yeah? Pretty young but still kind of of age in Pokéworld (but let’s not get into age I will be here for eight thousand years.)

She runs her own business. All her. Schedules, advertises, makes sure the Pokémon are taken care of and where they need to be and when. She’s got a shit ton of responsibility on her. She’s passionate about her business and about having Pokémon in the spotlight and man if that isn’t strength I don’t know what is like holy helix you try running your own business and tell me how that turns out.

Yes, she doesn’t battle in the beginning. She never has Yes, that’s a flaw! Pokéworld is pretty obviously battle oriented! …But it doesn’t make her weak and shouldn’t devalue what she does. There are plenty of people with Pokémon that don’t battle. If everyone was a trainer, there would be no civilization, advancements in technology, culture… You get the idea. She’s never had to battle. She didn’t go “hey you know I bet I’m gonna get dragged into some crazy plot when I grow up, let me make sure I can battle in addition to the thing I REALLY want to focus on.”

And here’s the thing: Once Gigi decides to make her own decision to go battle- because hey battling was pretty cool I liked that I want to go battle now- she realizes that wow, she really doesn’t have any holding here at all.

So she stops what she’s successfully doing and goes to learn to battle. It was a risky business decision for her, but she wanted to learn about it and have more knowledge and understand Gigi’s choices instead of just trying to get her back and force her into the business.

When she’s done learning to be a trainer, she’s a more well rounded person and capable of making wiser and more educated decisions. She decides to let Gigi do what she wants to make her happy instead of forcing her into her version of what’s right! She’s letting Gigi do what she’s passionate about, just like how she wants to do what she’s passionate about. She’s treating Gigi like an equal capable of her own decisions.

An already god damn great character went and had this brilliant arc and came out a stronger, wiser, and more well balanced person because of it without changing the core of who she is and if you don’t think that someone with that much power and agency over their decisions isn’t boss as fuck I really don’t know what to say to you.

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