pokemon shinji


[Click for captions] Celebrating SUN/MOON release early with some quick Kawoshin Pokemon AU doodles! My preorder has been shipped and as I sit here on this lovely winter night holding tea in my hand waiting for my game to arrive it is with proud honor I say ILL SEE YOU IN A WEEK LMAO BYE.


I have seen a lot of Pokemon Color schemes go by but normally they are of other Pokemon. So I wanted to try it out with characters instead. 

My Pick would be Tier because she would make a freaking awesome Vaporeon!

Oh god, why are my Shinjis/Pauls so inconsistent? orz

Anyway, some quick Ikarilicious art dedicated to poketrendy ! :3
Thank you for being my first inspiration, idol and a precious and supportive friend! :D

leaves art back and runs off to finish some work

PokeAni Week Day 4: Favorite Rival

I chose Paul for this spot because I feel like we saw more of him throughout the series than most rivals and changed quite a lot in his interactions with Ash. It was very similar to Gary in a sense that they were so different and had different ways of being a Pokémon trainer, and that was what pushed them to be stronger. I’m hoping to see more of him, especially seeing how much he’s changed after his final battle with Ash.