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~Palletshipping Secret Santa 2017~

Hello! Long time no see, I am sorry this is kinda cutting close to December again, been so busy with school. But, here it is again, Palletshipping Secret Santa!<3 If you’d like to join this and bring both Palletshipping and Christmas love around, please feel free to join! The more the merrier! :3

Rules for the project:

  • Deadline for gifts is 31st of December
  • Both fanart or fanfiction are accepted.
  • Theme is Palletshipping (Ash/Gary from Pokémon anime)
  • Idea is that you are both a child and a santa; you get to have a palletshipping wish someone will fill for you, while you also fulfill someone else’s wish. (You can have multiple wishes, but only one gets fulfilled)
  • Send me your wishlist of palletshipping content you’d like to see as a child, and what kind of content you’d be okay with creating as a santa.
  • Deadline for wishlists is 7h of December. That gives two weeks to join in this.
  • The wishes can be basically anything with Palletshipping, but hardcore porn, gore and violence are left out. Please consider wishes that wouldn’t be too uncomfortable for others to fulfill.
  • HOWEVER if you only want to give, aka play just santa, that is a-okay too! (But of course if everyone is only santa, then we have no children so don’t be afraid to wish for things!<3)

Contact me/send your wishlist by sending an ask to this blog, or send a message via chat. You can also send me e-mail if you don’t have tumblr: feranelia@hotmail.com (I don’t know how to build a typeform sheet yet oops)

Meantime have a wonderful November & December!<3


Here are my pop CD’s sorry about the poor lighting. I’ll post more later of other 90′s-2000s genres. I seriously have it all. 

Dear Younger Me...

You will learn how to draw feet-

You will learn how to draw hands-

You will get pretty good at drawing hair-

You will get better at drawing eyes-

You will get better at drawing mouths-

You will be able to draw characters from the side, with different looking noses-

You will finally be able to draw muscles and fat-

You will be able to draw bones and skeletons that look like actual bones and skeletons-

You will be able to draw animals, monsters, and fantasy creatures-

You will be able to draw kissing-

You will be able to draw and design the characters you imagine in your head-

You’ll stop making all the characters you draw white and you’ll stop imagining most characters as white-

You’ll figure out how to create illustrations, and use different styles-

You will be able to draw real people-

You’ll get better at drawing than you used to be-