pokemon ruby saphire & emerald

I’d really love to see Pokémon spin off games that focus on becoming a contest champion. I always loved the contests in emerald the most out of everything

•Earn money to buy cute outfits for you and your Pokémon as well as props and glitter and the like by running errands, performing at kids birthday parties etc

•Making sure your outfits are in style, and the right color for the competition (you know how different colors invoke different emotions) and that you and your Pokémons outfits compliment each other enough

•first round would judge how you and your Pokémon look aesthetically
Then judge your Pokémons stats for that type of contest (how smart they are etc)
Then the purely showy part where you do a fancy routine
Then a showy, pretty battle against another contestant
Then a specialist scores you on how happy your Pokémon is, how much the Pokémon likes you
how strong your bond is
And it’s “contest level” (like regular exp but you raise it by winning contests)

•maybe even have local mini contests open all the time that aren’t as serious and are just the showy, pretty, battle against another person so you can earn a reputation (which let’s you unlock better stylists the more famous you are) as well as contest exp and money

•making sure your Pokémon is happy. Having to deal with them hating the outfit, loosing days on practice due to them being sick or getting hurt, taking them on pampering days if they’re too high stress (poke massage and the like) ,

•Build relationships with stylists to get the best looks. Go to different levels of quality make up and hair stylists depending on who you can afford

•Build and plan out routines to practice (like those games that let you make music videos. Pick certain “dance” moves for you and your Pokémon to do , you could even learn special ones from experienced contest trainers you meet along the wsy, and once that’s plotted out pick when to use a prop or when your Pokémon should do an attack. Maybe even have the option to pick the shape of basic attacks (water gun, flamethrower etc in the shape of a heart)

•breeding Pokémon for all different stats ie: cuteness, brains, beauty etc

•having the option to go through the contusion circuit multiple times, with a different Pokémon each time.

There I go dreaming wistfully though, man if I worked at nintendo/gamefreak

I feel bad for poor Groudon like look at him the that giant Pokemon stuck on a tiny little island. Kyogre has got the whole fucking ocean to fight in, and trust me if you you’ve been to Hoenn all there is is ocean, but Groudon the Pokemon capable of creating fucking continents stuck on the little rock. Sorry Groudon but this looks like game over for you.

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