pokemon ruby and sapphire remake

I was just thinking about something. Franticshipping related, naturally.

So the franticshipping confession moment happened before Ruby and Sapphire were about to go through a time rift.

Which leads to this major franticshipping moment of Sapphire showing her true feelings whilst they were travelling through a time rift. So take note of the time theme here.

So there’s this whole major franticshipping moment happening in time.

~They’re even doing that hand holding thing they always do ahh ^^~

There’s even this moment where they are in another time rift thanks to Celebi.

So the overall dealeo here is time right? Stay with me on this…

Let us fast forward 4 years…

The next big franticshipping confession ~confession round two~ moment happens right before Ruby and Sapphire head to space. This time it’s Ruby showing his true feelings.

And then whilst in space we get another major franticshipping moment of showing feelings. ~But instead of “go back to Littleroot Town with me” it’s more “go back to Earth with me” this time…~

~Complete with more handholding and almost being seperatedness ahh~

So the overall dealeo here is space right? Whilst the other arc was time?

Space? Time?