pokemon rubin


So it’s the 21st of October, one month to go until ORAS officially hits the shelves.

I have two (2) spare download codes for the Demo!

These are originally UK Codes, they work for Europe.
( I gave a third code to a friend in NL, it worked fine!)
I can not guarantee that these codes work in US or out of Europe.

The Demo includes a free Pokemon with Megastone and additional item goodies to be transferred to the full version!

This is also aimed at people who have no Gamestop/McD/whateveryour countriesdistributionformis at their hand.
So please reblog for others if you already have a code.
Like to enter.
Like and reblog once to give others a chance => get two entries.

This is my first giveaway. You don’t have to follow me.

Giveaway ends 31st October.