pokemon rise of darkrai

so i just saw the Darkrai, Giratina, and Arceus pokemon movies, and i have some Opinions

Darkrai movie: two legendary god pokemon get pissed at each other because they think the other trespassed onto their lawn and nearly destroys all of the universe over a petty fight and a local emo just wants them to leave, for the love of god, please, just leave, stop destroying everything, stop it goddammit, l e a v e

Giratina movie: tiny green hedgehog is a little dick and random yugioh villain decides to try and kill a legendary for shits and grins while trying to become king of a world with literally no one to rule in it with his computer girlfriend and aroma therapy saves the day

Arceus movie: local king bitch with Aku hair nearly dooms all of humanity because he thought that betraying and/or MURDERING the literal god of all pokemon and possibly ALL LIFE was a smart idea, obviously. this guy is clearly the smartest guy around. NOT. also time travel stuff

overall i actually really enjoyed all the movies, but the plots kinda made me laugh and some of them kinda felt weird, but they were all really enjoyable and fun and the song at the end of Darkrai got me to cry a little

all in all 100000/10 good movies all very good movies