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My precious daughters

My two favorite pokemon in my playthrough of Omega Ruby (through bias of how cute they are in Pokemon Amie).

I wanted to draw this because both of their mega evolutions look like they’re wearing dresses (at least that’s the impression mega Banette gave me when I first saw it)


(Pictures courtesy of of Austin Nestlerode)

These are my spectacular Articuno and Moltres puppets. They are very popular at convention but unfortunately I (top picture w/ Articuno) can no longer keep them. I will be selling them. Both birds will come with all the necessary attachments (wingnuts, gloves, and replaceable leather pull straps for the wings). The wings: Articuno’s “resting” wings are 20″ wide, when spread they are 49″ wide with a total wing span of 60″; Moltres’s resting wings are 24″ wide, when spread they are 48″ wide with a total wing span of 60″. Articuno is approximately 3-4 lbs and Moltres is 4-5 lbs. Articuno is attached to a right handed gauntlet and Moltres is attached to a left handed gauntlet.  

I have not yet decided on price or if they must remain a pair.

If you have any circulatory problems I would not suggest purchasing these birds. The gauntlet they attach to is a warped and sanded piece of PVC piping that has a leather piece underneath for added protection, it also has two leather straps that tighten around your arm. Do not over tighten the straps; if your hand is turning color or you feel like the movement in your hand is stunted the straps are too tight. If the gauntlet is slipping when the birds are added to the attaching screws, the straps may be too loose or there is too much space between your arm and the gauntlet; additional padding may be required.  

Something of note: My friend who manned the Moltres puppet made a note about “arm squish”. I have a lot of “arm squish”, so I could tighten the straps as much as I needed to without having any problems. She did not have a lot of “arm squish” and so we needed to add extra padding to her gauntlet to keep it from slipping too much, and even then she felt more comfortable holding the bird’s feet just in case.

The birds’ beaks are made of fabric so they won’t accidentally take anyone out if they slip forward.

To hold these things up for as long as we did you’ll need some arm muscle. Not to say you can’t use them if you don’t, it’s just more comfortable if you have a little. Otherwise you might be a bit sore by the end of the day.


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