pokemon puppets


I’ve heard people mention this band a million times and I’ve heard this song on the radio and in a few movies

But I had nnnnNNNNOOOOOO fucking idea this was what its music video was about. Did you?! Did all of you?!! Was this just a known thing I completely missed?????


Pokemon Puppets Episode 2

Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon


I jumped aboard the Pokemon Variant Bandwagon and I’m not even sorry. Luxrays for everyone!

Standard: The standard Luxray breed, originating from Sinnoh. Powerful and Loyal, they make great battle partners for trainers. Because of this, and their regal looks, they have become very popular and can be seen through most known regions.

Maneless: By far the most aggressive of all the known breeds, these sharp-eyed felines form Prides in plains and savannahs. They are known man-eaters, and the majority of human attacks link back to them.

Polar: Painfully shy and elusive, this species dwells on ice and snow covered mountains, far from human settlements. Notoriously difficult to breed in captivity, tamed Polar Luxrays are incredibly rare and valuable.

Clouded: Native to tropical climates, wild populations can only be found in the Hoenn Region. Much like their Polar cousins, they are shy and avoid most human interactions, choosing to hide amongst the treetops.

Melanistic: While beautiful, these Luxrays are a result of a genetic mutation. They are sought after by Co-ordinators for their gorgeous pelts and pleasant disposition.

King: King Luxrays are bred for their unsual Mohawk-like Manes and unusual pattern. Far more stubborn than any of their other cousins, Kings are difficult to train and will bond wih only a single trainer.


My precious daughters

My two favorite pokemon in my playthrough of Omega Ruby (through bias of how cute they are in Pokemon Amie).

I wanted to draw this because both of their mega evolutions look like they’re wearing dresses (at least that’s the impression mega Banette gave me when I first saw it)