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BTS: Jungkook AU/series


Translator!AU: Give It a Try

Time Travelling!AU: Time Traveller I

Rich Kid!AURich Kid

Bunny!AU: Baby Bunny

College!AU: Obliviously, Obviously Obvious

Hitman!AU: Blue Jeans

Biker!AU: Good Luck Kiss, One True Bliss

Badboy!AU: For You

Skaterboy!AU: Skater Boy


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pokemon hcs pt. 1

have you ever thought about what pokemon team the hamilton characters would have if they were in the universe?

boss’ memo : this is more of an au because i don’t know what chill means and also i hAD TO CUT THIS SHORT?? oops! oh, and, and–these aren’t their full parties! these are their significant pokemon =)

  • alexander gets a squirtle !! he’s named her blot !!!! she doesn’t know what she’s doing and kind of thinks that everything is food but he adores her nonetheless
    • he also owns an audino who was traded to him by lafayette–the audino is male, named ange, and helps alex out with self care!!
      • audino are often used for trainers who have difficulty taking care of themself simply because their helpful nature ! they’re also good pokemon for those who have panic attacks or anxiety, as the feelers on their ears can pick up the change in heartbeat !
    • blot is related to john’s blastoise !
      • alexander also owns a hoothoot–or, rather, he has a hoothoot that follows him around and he doesn’t want to catch said hoothoot because he kind of wants a braviary,,, unnamed hoothoot likes to perch on alex’s hair !
    • alex is very selective with the pokemon he keeps on his team, and the pokemon he usually has out is his squirtle!
      • he has a dream team, which includes an alakazam !
      • (yes, alex wants to be the very best, like no one ever was)
  • john owns a blastoise named cabbage and she’s cranky and intimidating and has a scar on her right eye but she adores john with all her heart and is ready to throw down if you as much as have a negative thought about him. she’s won most of her battles, and while john isn’t the most powerful trainer–the moment cabbage appears? everyone runs !!! because cabbage is not playing around and sees all opposing pokemon as a threat to her john,,,
    • they met when he was fishing one day and accidentally pulled up a squirtle, which he subsequently tried to hide from everyone and as he didn’t know what to feed her, he gave her cabbage
      • she was quite a fan of the cabbage and the rest is history
    • he also owns a medicham whose name is syrup–he’s a big fan of naming his pokemon after food !! syrup knows calm mind just for him !
      • he hatched syrup and raised her from the beginning !
    • john also has a skarmory who he’s named avocado. despite the cute name, if you ever decide to have a sky battle with john and he uses avocado, you can expect your flying pokemon to be badly injured at the end,, john is quite ruthless when he battles !!
    • i imagine john runs a pokemon daycare !
  • hercules owns a cleffa named rocky because this little guy knows metronome and will absolutely destroy you (and he has an affinity for randomly selecting the ‘-punch’ moves, such as thunderpunch, ice punch, fire punch, etc)
    • hercules also has a volcarona named marmalade ! he only uses his volcarona if he feels he’s in danger,,, his volcarona is his pokemon that he uses for flying ! she’s pretty protective over him, and tends to be the pokemon that follows him around, rather than rocky.
      • (because rocky is short tempered and will attack any threat on sight while marmalade calmly waits for orders)
      • marmalade was his first pokemon !
    • he owns a leavanny named pine ! she helps him out with making clothes !! pine is his most recent pokemon, but she’s very in tune with his emotions regardless ! she’s a pretty big fan of his!
    • herc owns a skitty named rouge !! rouge is kind of a brat? though, he does win all the cute and smart contests !
    • his goodra’s named periwinkle, and she’s also v punchy,, she and rocky stay in their pokeballs because they’re always ready to pick fights with other pokemon, even during times of peace,,
    • he owns a kecleon named rescue, who he actually got from john! rescue is kind of meowth-like (minus the talking) in that she’s very human with her behavior. she’s very high levelled–only marmalade outranks her! she’s a trained service pokemon, and if there’s any pokemon who can help herc out if he goes nonverbal, it’s rescue!
    • hercules seldom trades any of his pokemon because he grows very attached to them, hence his large party
    • hercules runs a fairy-type gym !
  • lafayette owns a lucario named josephine and she’s really good for him, as she helps him in reading the atmosphere. in addition, she can also sense when he’s upset and generally helps out with his low empathy!! she mega evolves (because of course she does) and she knows she’s better than all the other pokemon,, she usually has a smug expression ! you can usually find her lurking a few feet behind lafayette !!
    • lafayette is the last member of the elite four that you encounter and he helps you out if you black out (which you do when someone destroys your entire party in pokemon)
    • he has a absol named raoul, as absols help sense disaster and raoul has saved laf’s life many-a-time !! raoul is higher levelled than josephine is, but he tends to keep to himself and as a result tends to only be released if lafayette has a bad feeling about something or is getting ready to battle !
    • lafayette also owns a gengar named davet, who has a habit of escaping his pokeball and hiding in lafayette’s shadow,, davet doesn’t actually mean any harm ! he’s v friendly and adores lafayette v much !
      • davet is a shiny! and lafayette had no idea for the longest time, as shiny and nonshiny gengars look very alike
    • josephine was his first pokemon, who he hatched from an egg!! he caught davet during a haunted house dare, and he met raoul when the absol tackled him in order to save him from another trainer’s pokemon gone rogue !
  • george (washington) has a kangaskhan he affectionately calls “nana”!! nana is older than he is, and practically raised him,, she doesn’t have a baby in her pouch, but it’s fine, as she treats george like her baby and one would know better than to mess with the fury of a mom! nana is blind in one eye, but this doesn’t mean she can’t use crunch to decimate all those who oppose ‘er. she’s v high level and terrifyingly fast,,
    • he also owns a dragonite named sir hog, and sir hog doesn’t seem to mind his name at all,,, he’s a tank and can shrug off several fairy or ice type moves with no problem at all !
    • his houndoom is named loopsy and she’s usually the pokemon he has at his side !! she’s a trained service pokemon and helps george whenever his ptsd flares up !
      • (george names his pokemon like he names his dogs)
    • he owns an empoleon named george jr who is aptly named as george jr is essentially george in pokemon form,, he hatched george jr from an egg and will affectionately refer to the large metal penguin as his son,,
    • george beat the prior champion, king george, and as such is the current pokemon champion!
  • aaron owns a bulbasaur that he’s named theodosia the third (there’s no theodosia jr yet–he’s planning ahead) and he’s vowed to protect this bulbasaur with his life,, it’s unknown if theo iii knows truly how much aaron loves her,,,
    • his pidgeot is named pierre and he’s larger than most pidgeots!! pierre is the most affectionate pokemon you’ll ever find,, he still thinks he’s a tiny pidgey and tries to perch on aaron’s arm / head,, aaron is suffering but he adores pierre so it’s all fine
    • he also owns a gulpin who enjoys trying to eat his items,, she’s close to evolving and is trying to gather more mass, and aaron is aware of this–she always looks sorry when he has to wrangle his berry case away from her, but he’s not upset,, he understands. her name is lima bean
    • aaron is that one guy who has at least seven pokemon just casually following him around because they like him
      • most of the misc pokemon are cat pokemon?? he has at least three skitty that follow him and there’s always one purugly. watching. 
Pokemon Misconceptions Pt.2

Part One

Thanks for sending me more of your old Pokemon misconceptions! They’re really fun to read, and I’m noticing some common misunderstandings among you guys (and myself, too)!

@carrotquill @internationalfeel Funny, you both thought the same thing about Lapras! I feel like it does seem like a gen 2 Pokemon for some reason. Maybe it is the style, like carrotquill suggested. But I had a similiar exprience with the Marill/Azumarill line, except that I always think that it’s gen 3 for some reason - maybe because that’s when Azurill was introduced?

@blazer-the-delphox I think I had the same misconception about breeding until gen 3, since I had one of those game guide books for it, and I think it talked about breeding a bit. I remember thinking the same thing about Wurmple’s evolution branch, though!

@cfb123 Some people were saying the same thing in the last post! I can easily see that one make sense to kid.

Hahaha, the Kirby one cracks me up 😂 but omg, Anon2, that sucks!

@fatedcircle Oh man, I feel your shame. I didn’t waste my masterball, but one time I encountered a shiny Audino, didn’t realize it was a shiny, and KO’d it for all the XP. The next time I encountered one, I realized that I fainted a shiny and was so mad!


Seventeen x Pokemon pt.2

All pictures to rightful owners- these are not mine except for the edits [© // © // © // © // © // © // ©]

Part 1 // Part 2 ~~~~~~ Astro ver.

pokemon hcs pt. 2

boss’ memo : here’s part one ! i hope you enjoy ! :0

  • maria’s only pokemon happens to be a gardevoir ! her name is anna and she’s extremely protective of maria,, gardevoir are known for being prepared to give their lives for their trainers at a moment’s notice, and anna is constantly on edge due to her powerful need to protect maria,, she doesn’t talk, of course, but she does understand when maria talks to her. she’s very intelligent and adores maria with all her heart
    • maria works at the equivalent of old friends senior dogs sanctuary but for pokemon
    • anna is a contest champion! she’s adorned with many ribbons, and maria would actually like to become a pokemon coordinator someday, as she enjoys dressing her pokemon up and performing with them!
  • james (madison) owns several baby pokemon,, most predominantly is his poliwag, who he just calls “baby”! baby tends to follow james around, and isn’t particularly powerful (none of james’ pokemon really are),, james isn’t the most skilled at naming his pokemon
    • if you challenge james, he’ll likely get ready to fight you. like, with his actual hands. he doesn’t like seeing his pokemon get injured,, especially because they’re all so little
      • other than baby pokemon, james has a quite powerful luxray named arielle, which was given to him by thomas (if he has a non-baby pokemon, it’s likely that thomas gave them to him)
    • it’s rumored that he owns the hoothoot that follows alex around, but he’s never really mentioned them….
    • he owns an oddish, named greens! if any of james’ pokemon absolutely need to fight, it’s most likely going to be greens, as she knows moonblast and is unafraid to use it if she feels you’re a threat to james,, she enjoys long walks on the beach and digging in the dirt
    • james works at the pokemon daycare, and as you may have guessed, cares for the baby pokemon
  • thomas says he’s picky with the pokemon he chooses, but he actually isn’t. he often ends up catching and raising a pokemon to it’s highest evolution, and then will usually give it to james, as he knows james will take care of it. his first pokemon was a ninetails named ambroise,, ambroise is temperamental, and thomas adopted him from a shelter when he was a vulpix. they’re notoriously high-maintenance, but thomas was up for the challenge
    • while attempting to catch a jigglypuff, thomas ended up catching lou the zoroark, who happened to be disguised as a jigglypuff at the time,, he didn’t mind, really, as zoroarks are rarer, and lou seems to be the only thing capable of even remotely calming down ambroise,, they might be boyfriends? thomas is unsure
    • thomas also owns a lopunny named narcisse,, judging by the name, one can assume narcisse tends to act like a spoiled prince, and they would be correct. narcisse is known for “playfully” kicking anyone who upsets him, and enjoys collecting shiny things,, he is capable of mega evolution, and is highly dangerous during it
    • thomas loves pampering his pokemon and honestly doesn’t even mind one bit that they’re high-maintenance
  • angelica is a big fan of bug and fairy type pokemon–which are pokemon often looked down at. her primary pokemon is a very aggressive scoliopede named jelly. jelly enjoys winning above all, and is a horrifying force of nature on the battlefield, as she doesn’t give up until she’s sure her opponent is Finished. she’s been known to survive countless fire attacks, and sweep entire parties without an issue,, angelica could not be prouder.
    • she also owns a vespiquen named mary, who happens to be rather lazy in her behavior and used to being doted on,, though, she knows angelica isn’t going to baby her, so she tries to get this attention from her fellow pokemon (it sometimes works). mary pulls her own weight and has been responsible for many last minute victories or sweeps !! she always comes out last, so she can clean up whatever mess the pokemon prior to her have created using some combination of fury cutter, heal order, hone claws, and defend order !
      • generally angelica is not someone who is fun to battle due to this,,
    • angelica also owns a red florges that she caught as a flabebe with her siblings–her name is adenium, or addi, for short,, her use of wish makes her incredibly annoying to face off against, added in with the fact that angelica has gotten in the habit of occasionally teaching addi toxic (this is sometimes switched with protect, which is also frustrating),, addi is quite close to angelica, being the first one she caught
    • though, if you believed you’d be able to burn through angelica’s team, she’d likely give you a bit of pause with her primarina, marsha!! she’s the trump card, if you will !
    • angelica is the second-to-last member of the elite four that you would face!
    • whenever angelica defeats her opponents, she’ll often remark that they were beaten by a bug / fairy, and rather than feel ashamed, should feel honored
      • …. (she’s right)
    • she has a non-combative pokemon: a togekiss named lucas. he’s mostly there to look nice, and also for transport. he’s actually level 2. you’ll often find him out of his pokeball and hovering near to angelica, as he loves her!
  • eliza is rather unique in that she specializes in double or triple battles–whether she be working alone or with a partner. she owns a blue florges named aconitum, which happens to be the first pokemon she ever caught, which she did so with her siblings!! aconitum often ends up sweeping her foes, especially after being aided by helping hand (which most of her pokemon have)
    • she owns a cinccino named cappuccino, and he’s usually who she has out with aconitum ! true to how his species is, he’s quite organized !! he often helps eliza clean up after a long day, and he never minds it at all !
    • eliza also owns a charizard which she jokingly named angelica ii–so she just calls her angie. her charizard is her main mode of transportation, and is also quite tranquil. she is skilled at ending fights rather than starting them
    • eliza used to be a member of the elite four, but she’s currently adventuring with peggy
  • peggy is a pokemon ranger ! her partner pokemon is a mimikyu named ragdoll. she only owns two pokemon as of now. ragdoll is rather powerful, and he’s extremely close with peggy, and often found resting on her shoulder or hair
    • peggy’s nearly completed her training in the local ranger base as an intern, and will be transferred to almia, soon!
      • (she graduated the ranger school with honors)
    • ragdoll has several disguises, of which include :
      • standard pikachu
      • sylveon
      • whimsicott
      • pachirisu
      • minccino
    • peggy wants to catch a ditto before she gets transferred, and eliza wants to help her out with that–hence they travel together!
    • peggy also owns a yellow florges that she caught as a flabebe with her siblings–the florges is named laburnum, or labby for short ! she’s the more powerful pokemon between her and ragdoll, and peggy only uses her when she gets Serious

FFXV Pokemon Teams [pt.2]