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Happy 5th anniversary, Pokemon B/W2!! 🎉🎉🎉

I still can’t believe it’s been 5 years! The time the hype was at its peak for these games still feels fresh to me.

These are probably my favorite pair of games out of all the core series games–an awesome follow-up to Black/White’s story (especially great when you use Memory Link!), and having a whole load of content, from main story to post-game. A perfect balance of story and gameplay!

Without delving into spoiler territory, I drew this as a representation of what struck me most while playing White 2, both during my first time in 2012, and my replay last year. If you’ve played the games, you’ll understand the feelings behind this illustration. ;w;

In honor of femslash February it’s time for Moonlilyshipping Week!! The 19th of February to the 25th of February is going to be Moonlily week. The whole point of this is to create more content for the ship and show love and support.

I’m also encouraging everyone to take a step out of their comfort zone and try something new! are you an artist? try writing something! A writer? Give that pencil a spin!

Want a challenge? Moonlily is currently the #2 ship for Pokemon sun and moon. Pretty good for a Femslash ship but let’s see if we can smash records by making it #1!

Where can I find all this wonderful content you may ask, just tag it with #moonlilyweek and @/ me in the post. Once the week is over i’ll make a masterpost of everything here on my blog!

Have fun and get those ideas rolling!!

That one Pokemon sun and moon scene
  • Grunt: even if it's not a rare Pokemon, I could still get paid
  • Me: *runs in to save Lillie*
  • Me: what did you just say
  • Me: babe hold my flower
  • Lillie: kick his ass baby I got your flower
Nuzlocke Plots Taken Out of Context:

Kanto: “Some high schoolers accidentally become war criminals and deck an old man in the face”

Johto: “Three eight year old genetic monstrosities and their grade school teacher run from the mafia”

Hoenn: "Poke-Eurovision”

Sinnoh: "Three kids try to summon Satan to solve all their problems with varying rates of success”

Unova: "A weeaboo fox, a god, a dead girl and a sentient blob of jelly cosplay to fight PETA and also terrorists”

(Bonus: Pokémon Yellow side story: "Peanut Butter causes the space time continuum to rip in half”)