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I KNOW what you’re trying to DO there gamefreak

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Chibi art with the villains, some other characters and pokemon! Art by Straw -he says it’s for an upcoming charm giveaway. (Archie, Maxie and Kukui might be double-sided; he’s still trying to figure it out)

Sorry Golisopod but you can’t fly and don’t have wings so that’s why you didn’t make the cut (what) (that makes no sense)

A bunch of Litleo in Sycamore’s lab think that Lysandre is their papa Pyroar and try to play with him

Inspired by Captivation fanfic!

Especially this part, “He could meander towards the litleo and shinx, however. A few of them were turning their heads his way, no doubt admiring his mane of red hair.”

It’s funny that my two Pokémon otps are perfectworldshipping and hardenshipping because they are so different like

Sycamore: Oh Lysandre! I’ll never stop loving you!
Lysandre: *holding him close* j'jaime mon amour.. *passionate kissing under the moonlight*
*roses flourish around them and suddenly the air begins to glitter whilst the saxophone solo from Careless Whisper starts to play*

Archie: I fucking hate you
Maxie: I hate you too
Archie: With your bony backside and your-
Maxie: *confused* WHAT about my backside?
Archie: It’s just *trying to find words* I want your ass! I mean I want to kick your ass haha
Maxie: I’m going to leave now
Archie: *in a desperate whisper almost inaudible* no don’t go pls


That man is gay AND european!