pokemon poptarts

Okay, but am I the only one who thinks Dipper and Pacifica should become best friends? I mean, I know people are shipping them and crap, but like Alex said, 12-year-olds should be worrying about Pokemon and poptarts (or something like that). But I just think they would make AMAZING Bffs. I mean, Paz can teach Dipper all about the more fancy side of life, and can help him get more recognition and probably knows someone who would be interested in all his research and crap. Plus, Paz seems like she could handle herself pretty well on a mystery hunt, if this last episode is anything to go by. Not to mention, I can just totally see Dipper introducing her to all those lame monster and sci-fi movies, and her showing him all the cheesy rom-com flicks, and both just ending up loving the ridiculousness of both genres. Come on, who wouldn’t love to see Paz and Dip having an all-night movie marathon?

But yeah. Best friends. Make it happen, Alex.