pokemon poliwrath


The Original 7 Dexholder’s Teams at the end of the Gold, Silver and Crystal Arc

Each Dexholder uses sprites for Pokémon from the game they’re name after. (Green(m) uses sprites from the Japanese Red and Green, even in the international release, while Blue (f) uses Japanese Blue and International Red and Blue)

ohhh mannnn………..such awesome drawings. It’s especially cool to find these today because I’m currently playing SS and I just beat Miltank aka Satan’s Butthole earlier. *Nostalgia* :) I remember playing Silver for the first time and having no clue how to beat Metal Pokes….and I had my first starter Typhlosion in my team -_-; Especially love how little the artist made steelix lol. Enjoy! (Ps Wallpaper on the bottom with all eight :3)