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sooo excited to watch fargo, my love, when i finally get a chance to do that :’(


Here’s another episode of ProZD & OvisRock Podcast.  This episode, we talk about the creative process, comedy, Press Buttons ‘n Talk, Pokemon, Moana, and Pixar.

@dis4daria tagged me to list 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms!! these are in no particular order and tbh most of these characters are probably tied with other characters in their fandoms. now lets see if i can even remember things i like besides star wars!!

  1. luke skywalker (star wars)
  2. dana scully (the x-files)
  3. james (pokemon)
  4. leenik geelo (campaign podcast)
  5. shaolin fantastic (the get down)
  6. tommy shepherd (young avengers)
  7. justin oluransi (check please)
  8. charlie kelly (iasip)
  9. faramir (lotr)
  10. joel hammond (santa clarita diet)

tagging @veretians @ahsokaa @nyxvlric @gestadanorum xoxoxoxo

Ep. 4

OMG you guys! I think I might have stumbled across some important information and evidence of Pokemon Sun and Moon! Listen to this podcast for what made me believe this could be true!

This dude in green hair is Sawyer. He makes a reappearance in the FIRST EPISODE of the Pokemon XY&Z Series. Hmm…suspicious…

WTF? Three of the five badges aren’t even from Kalos…they’re not even from any other Pokemon games! Could these be the badges (fire, water, and flying) of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s region?

Oh hey…this ambulance looks like something we’ve recently been exposed to…say…from the Pokemon Direct teaser?

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My lovely co-host Anne Marie and I discuss the hottest fictional male characters, which Disney animal we’d fuck, which Pokemon we’d fuck, childhood crushes, Dragontales, and other childhood shows.

Here’s a link to my Husband Chart and here’s a link to Anne Marie’s Husband Chart.

If you have a question or topic you’d like us to discuss for next week, send an ask with “Podcast: [your question/topic here].  They don’t have to be voice acting related!  Anything goes.

You can download the episode on Soundcloud as well.

A list of past podcast episodes can be found here.

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Episode 76 of Pokemon Podcast: It's Super Effective Notes

So… The actual post on the site isn’t up yet, and if I don’t do this now, while I remember, I’m not going to later, so. I took up a Tumblr post to do this. XD

To Travis and Kenny: Ok, so you two were wondering about the whole breeding thing, and whether a Pokemon could learn a move that it learned from Level Up via Breeding. Luckily, I bought the Black and White Pokedex Guide, and it had a nice little tutorial about that. 

I hope that clears that up. (:

And then for SBJ: Not a big thing, but when you were talking about Nidoking/queen getting Sheer Force instead of Hustle, one cool thing about Sheer Force is that when the Pokemon with that ability is holding a Life Orb, it gets the Attack or Special Attack boost from Sheer Force if the move used has a secondary affect (i.e. Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Dynamicpunch), and then it getsthe Attack or Special Attack boost from Life Orb.

Now, the best part, is that if the attack does have a secondary effect, the Pokemon doesn’t take damage from the Life Orb. If the Pokemon uses an attack that doesn’t have a secondary effect, it will only get the attack boosts from Life Orb and it will still take damage, but, for example, my Nidoqueen; she knows Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, and Earth Power. All four attacks have secondary effects, so all four attacks get the Life Orb and Sheer Force attack boosts (or in this case Special Attack boosts).  

Sheer Force increases the attack power by 33%, and then Life Orb increases it by 30%, which totals a 66% attack boost! Hustle is definitely a good ability, and I wish more Pokemon got it, but Sheer Force really isn’t a bad trade off. (:

Just thought you guys would like answers to your questions.

Anywaaaaaaays. I loved this episode! I really missed hearing competitive stuff (although it’s totally fine. What you guys do on the podcast is still super entertaining. I love listening to you guys). This ‘top 10 favorites episodes of It’s Super Effective’ list of mine keeps shifting, cos you guys keep putting out more and more episodes that are really good. XD

Keep up the good work and good job! I can’t wait to see what else we’re getting this #May1st! 


We sorely missed you guys, and with the advent of our 3 Year Anniversary, we’re prepared to deliver you all a special announcement!!! 

The big news will drop in 7 hours, which is: 

8:00 AM

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy what’s to come! We’re super excited, and we can’t wait to have this out there!!! 

Thank you so much for all of your support! 


So I’ve been busy playing a ton of Mass Effect 2 and stuff and it’s awesome. I’m close to (I think) the final battles and whatnot, and I’m excited.

Right now I’m taking a break for the night from ME2 and listening to a story about Chet the Bayleef, who is hella more awesome than you’re imagining right now.

Internet forums are ~dramuhfulz~ as usual, but what do you expect?

I don’t think I have a whole lot of more excited things to talk about other than HDNET showed Labyrinth earlier, and now The Dark Crystal is on.

Oh and Buffy is restarting on Teen Nick tomorrow night. I’m excited, even though I have it on Netflix. I really like the whole “old Whedon shows coming back to TV” thing.

I think I’ll get back to hearing about Chet and his quest to Paris.