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Pokemon Headcanons

Hey, sorry if this somehow contradicts canon, I’m just being silly here.

  • Trainers are legally obligated to fill in the hole in their Shedinja’s back after evolution. Pokemon Centers hand Shedinja plugs out for little to no cost in areas where Nincada are common. They’re more expensive in other regions, however. Generally, Shedinja are harmless, but there are a few of them that get a little soul-sucky. So it’s just better to be safe than sorry.
  • Luvdisc are often given as pets to very young children, because they’re very harmless, docile pokemon. Magikarp were once popular pets, but the threat of evolution was just enough to make it a bad idea for most children. Luvdisc never evolve and generally suck at everything, plus they’re very cute. So they’re sold like goldfish are in our world.
  • People have been known to huff the fumes Musharna release to get high, as the fumes are essentially hallucinogenic dream inducing smoke. It’s rather harmless, all things considered. Although people have been known to hallucinate for longer than would be considered healthy, and when you stumble into the Pokemon Center high as a kite, you’re most likely going to be mocked remorselessly while you ramble aimlessly.
  • The Vanilluxe family was actually the origin of ice cream, when people started making cold creamy treats, they modeled them after them, calling them Icy Vanilluxe Cream. Eventually, it was shortened to ice cream, and named the first flavor Vanilla. So in the pokemon world, Vanilla was named after Vanilluxe and not the other way around.
  • Charmander trainers are recommended to cover their Charmander’s tails to keep them from going out. Most trainers use a specifically sold cover that lets in air and keeps water out. During contests, it’s usually taken off, because the covers aren’t very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Mr. Mime’s inspired people, and the art of miming was learned by mimicking the Pokemon.
  • Loudred can be used as speakers if taught to. They can imitate almost any noise, much like a lyrebird.
  • Loudred owners are required to muzzle their Pokemon when in populated areas. This has not stopped complete asshats from using Loudred to blast party music illegally. This is a big problem in some Hoenn cities. Please stop using Loudred to blast party music, you already have speakers, you fucking assheads.The damage from these Loudred parties are often massive. Not to mention busting hearing aids in a blockwide radius.

“So, uh…confession time. Art and vlogging aren’t really my number one passions. My number one passion by far is writing. And, um…I kind of wrote stuff? It’s mostly funny, don’t worry, but I’ve only heard good things about it, so…I hope that you guys will support me and check it out.”


(( Yes, it’s long; yes, it doesn’t have pictures; yes, it’s not Campix, but I’d really really appreciate it if some of you guys checked out No Pokeballs Allowed. It, along with some of my other stories I might share if this goes well, are among my pride and joy of everything I’ve ever made. Soooo…please? ))

MegamanOmega & Pioxys AMA!

Yo it’s been like 10 years since I updated this blog again, and hope ya guys been having a lovely day while we wait for the TwitchPlaysPokemon Randomized White 2 run! While we still have a while to wait, good mod Deadinsky66 asked me & MegamanOmega at TPPDev team if we’re down to do a TPPSub Reddit AMA. Seeing time getting clear, and I’m closer to getting some big artworks done, why not. I’m down to clown!

uh…. AMA or something…..


Hey guys~ I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive on here. I’ve been so damn busy leveling on Pokemon GO 😅

But my hair is silver now~ I honestly don’t even remember if I uploaded any of my blue hair.. but I’ll upload a few things now just to sorta update you guys 💕