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Commoner Shipping for the Create a playlist meme

*cracks knuckles* My time has come. Im not the best with playlist, but hopefully I do them justice! 

Wasn’t Expecting That //  Jamie Lawson

Poor Mans Love Song// Richard Cortez 

Guardian Angel //  Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Out of my League //  Stephen Speaks

You and I //  Ingrid Michaelson

Time for the Sinnoh kids!!

- Platina is daughter of Athena

- Remeber when I said Daisy was Athena’s favorite? well it was a lie, Platina is

- She is the brain of the Sinnoh trio, barely fights but if it’s necessary she will do it

- One day her mansion was attacked by monsters looking for a book Athena gave her father

- Her father was kiddnaped by said monsters 

- He gave her the book they were looking for 

- Sebastian (her butler’s name I think??) is actually a satyr

- He was taking her to camp half-blood when they found Pearl and Diamond

- Platina and Pearl are half-siblings (duh) 

-  They didn’t get along at all at first tho

- Diamond is son of Demeter

- He is the assigned chef but not because he is good at cooking (he is tho), it’s because the other two suck at it

- His mom gave him a pendant that transforms into a sickle

- He hates fighting and preffers talking, it never works

- He can control plants and stuff like all the demeter kids 

- Because of this he always has stuff to eat, though he prefers junk food

- He never gets angry but when he does it’s more like dissapointing, all the people who have experienced it can agree it’s the worst 

- He and Pearl have been friends and neighbors since they were little so everybody thought pearl’s dad and Dia’s mom where dating 

- He sees Palmers as some kind of fathers, cool uncle figure

- Because of Pearl’s fear of spiders (and later platina too) he is always prepared for spiders but instead of killing them he takes them out

-  Platina and Pearl call him the Spider Tamer in secret because he finds the name silly

- He convinced the Hephaestus Cabin to build a special tv that doesn’t attrack monsters to watch his tv programs

- Pearl is Athena’s son

- He doesn’t like her at all

- This is because she is kind of a jerk

- When he and dia first arrived at the camp Dia wa claimed first so he had to spent the night at Hermes Cabin alone

- He kind of resents Dia for leaving him but feels bad for thinking that

- He wasn’t comfortable at first but then got along with the Hermes Cabin and helped them with their pranks

- Everybody thought he was a Hermes kid because of this

- When he was claimed Platina got really angry because she found ridiculous that a “buffon” like him was son of Athena

- He uses a crossbow cause it’s faster and more powerful than a bow

- He can never get calm, like never, he is always moving and doing something

- He sees Dia’s mom as a mother figure

- Dia always had his powers and could invoke fruits even before they knew ther were demigods but never cared much about it, he always says “It’s a Dia’s thing”

- Pearl and Dia want to be comedians (like in the manga) but it was seen bad for an Athena’s child to do something so stupid and meaningless as comedy

- Athena didn’t take him seriously because of this but then got proven wrong

- He is one of the best strategist in the camp

- Because of Palmer’s job he was always away so Pearl practically live in Dia’s house

- They found out they were demigods because one day they found Gold unconscious near the twon where they lived and took him to Dia’s house, then got attacked by monsters who kidnapped his parents (they were looking for Platina’s father but only knew that one of Athena’s lovers (??) had the book but didn’t knew which one) and Gold took them to camp half-blood

That’s all for now, if anyone has ideas I’d love to see them <33 I’m taking a break before doing the other characters. I have all of the godly parents planned for the other dex holders up to Alola, except for black-two and Cheren so if anyobody has any ideas it would be great if you tell me. Also I’m going to add other characters, like Misty, sabrina, etc.


[手描き]ポケスペでスマイルプリキュアOPパロ(完成) [HD] by pokesupeHD2012

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