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spo0ky-julia  asked:

Eee thank you ;w; I was just wondering a few things xD I am thinking of getting the MPJ set, I was wondering if you bought them off of ebay or the chuang yi site? The viz books are so expensive on amazon now :( is there is a huge difference between the two? I always thought the dramatic preview of the next book in the viz ones were cute ;w; asdfghj sorry for bothering you XD

Hi, spookyjulia, thanks for your question! Don’t worry, not bothering at all! :)

The Magical Pokémon Journey volumes I have from Chuang Yi I actually bought a couple years ago through a Bulbagarden forums user who lives in Singapore. At the time, she would take orders for Pokémon manga (mainly Pokémon Adventures), buy it for you at the bookstore, and then charge you for the books + shipping cost. I’m not sure if she’s still doing it, as Chuang Yi has now opened their online shop to users overseas so now I usually order directly through them.

I think their actual web store is still set up for Singapore only, but if you email them and ask nicely with the volumes you want and your address, they’ll send you an invoice from PayPal and ship to you overseas. I got the movie manga adaptations and some Digimon manga this way. The only time I ordered CY volumes from eBay was for Ash and Pikachu since those seem to be out of print so I could only order them third-party. Hope that helps!

As for translation differences, for volumes 1-7, it’s actually made from VIZ Media’s translation anyways XD (like they did with the early volumes of Pokémon Adventures) since VIZ Media stopped at #7, Chuang Yi translated 8-10 on their own, all the existing character names are the same, they just made new English names for new characters like Apricot (Koume in Japanese) and Kiaraway (Caraway in Japanese). The translation quality is excellent, the only thing that bothered me is they occasionally referred to some Pokémon as “it/they” who had confirmed genders in previous volumes. I still enjoyed reading them though, I love the character Apricot ;) I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with them!