pokemon pie

What’s Your Type?

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon over the past few weeks. I certainly have, as these games have broken many conventions of the series in exciting ways. They provided a fresh take on a franchise that is twenty years old this year.

Yesterday I was asked what colors I thought the eighteen Pokemon types would line up with. I answered, but didn’t really expound on my choices. I figured I’d call an audible and do just that today. There’s a lot of Pokemon, so caveats definitely apply.

Bug – Green and Black

We start with an easy one. Bugs exist in most Magic sets, from Insects to Spiders to Scorpions. They overwhelmingly appear in Green and Black, the colors of natural creatures and spoopy creatures, respectively.

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Cheren can't take a bad joke
  • N: Cheren I've noticed a thing.
  • Cheren: oh?
  • N: Sex is like math.
  • Cheren: Ok...
  • N: You add the bed...
  • Cheren: Wait isn't this-
  • N: Subtract the clothes...
  • Cheren: Oh my god it is-
  • N: Divide the legs...
  • Cheren: N don't you dare finish that joke-
  • N: And hope you don't multiply.