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Eeveelution variations!


Throughout the years I’ve seen so many headcanons for the eeveelutions, many of which based the Eevees off of just one animal or a mix of them so I decided to play around with some designs to encompass most of these ideas.

The main idea being that: Because Eevee’s DNA is so wacky and it can evolve into so many diverse evolutions, its species can also vary from evolution to evolution, region to region, bloodline to bloodline.

Many being domestically bred for specific traits whether it be for battling, contests, companionship, or to be put to work, many others are found that way in wild populations where little human interaction has occurred.

All of the standard Eeveelutions shown are supposed to be more or less ambiguous, not based around just one animal but instead, designed to fit their official artwork as close as possible. Basically, standards are mutts as far as what species they are is concerned, hence people calling them catfoxrabbit things. As for the variations, all bets are off and many have been bred and narrowed down to one species.

The three-to-four variation examples I drew at the top of each picture are not exclusive to which species expresses it in the examples below. These variation types whether it be coat pattern, jewels, leaves, skin type, can appear in most any strain of each respective eeveelution.

Likewise, the species variations beside the standard eeveelution are not the only available species per that pokemon as the possibilities of other species and mixes are endless. It’s even possible for your eevee to change species upon evolution, much like the quilava line already does [shrew to weasel to badger].

It took me about three days to finish this and loads of references. In the end I’m quite happy with how it all came out and I hope you all enjoy. And if you want to draw character inspiration from this post please be my guest!!


New types of commission now available!Other commission info here (1 month left)

Daily life - 35 USD

  • Includes: 1 waist up/half body + window frame + little plants and items
  • 10 USD per extra character
  • 5 USDif the picture is very complex
  • max of 2 characters in one picture

Flora & Fauna - 30 USD

  • Includes: 1 fullbody + natural elements + optional small animals (birds,squirrels,butterflies,hamsters and so on)
  • 4 USD for dogs,cats,acnl villagers,pokemon
  • 15 USD  per extra character
  • max of 2 characters in one picture
  • Background can be white or a solid color

Beautiful Nature - 12 USD

  • Includes: 1 icon with a flower of your choice (or mushrooms if you prefer)
  • Background can be white,a solid color or simple ombre effect


  • Paypal only
  • payment upfront
  • please pay for the paypal fee (+2 usd)
  • no mecha,old people,furries,muscles
  • no NSFW

If you’re interested please send me a submission or IM (preferred) with the following info:

  • type of commission:
  • character reference: (a clear picture of your character)
  • background references: (clear pictures of what you want me to draw for the background,can be pictures you found online)
  • details: a short description of what you want for your commission (pose,expression,bg color,extra details)

If you can’t afford a commission signal boosting would be appreciated! ^^


Tiny’s Custom Pokemon Commissions [XYORAS & SuMo]

Back for SuMo by popular request! And now cheaper. I had considered not reopening these, but enough people asked I figured I may as well. Anyhow, if you weren’t aware, I’m not in the best financial situation and I’ve got tons of bills so…

I will make you highest quality, safe to use Pokemon!

You can customize pretty much everything about them: shiny-ness, level, nature, EVs, IVs, gender, ability, moveset, pokeball, held item, etc.! They can even match your OT - the game will think they’re yours. Orders will be done within 48 hours.

Available for XYORAS and SuMo! Made fast, looks legal, completely safe. All orders are kept confidential.

Rom transfers, editing, and cloning also available!

Rom transfers: if you’ve played a game on an emulator and want your pokemon brought to a real game, I can do that!


General price is $1 per pokemon, with discounts if you purchase 12 or more.

  • One full team (6 pokemon) for $6 USD.
  • Two teams (12 pokemon) for $10
  • Three teams (18 pokemon) for $15
  • Four teams (24 pokemon) for $20
  • A whole box (30 pokemon!) for $24!
  • If you order more, we can discuss price
  • Cloning is 50 cents per unedited clone.
  • Rom transfers are 50 cents per unedited transfer.
  • Edited clones/transfers are the usual price of $1 each.

All orders over $20 come with a free 6IV breeding ditto! (Feel free to remind me of this if I forget.)

How to pay

I know this is a major inconvenience, but I don’t want to use PayPal for a number of reasons. As such, I would prefer to use Amazon e-giftcards! They’re fairly easy to purchase and can be done online in the exact amount you need. Like I said I know this is a hassle and I appreciate your guys’ flexibility.

If you have any questions or would like to order, feel free to send me a message! I also appreciate all reblogs. ♥

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Alright, six variants is enough. I had double the number in mind, but this sheet has finally crossed over from “fun” to “tedious”. Still could count it as 12 designs however, since two Pokemon stages per breed are included.

So there you have it, Gastly and Haunter breed variants! All variants are based on the matching egg group, “Amorphous”. The results are a tad esoteric, so the appeal isn’t the same as the other sheets floating around, but I hope you all enjoy anyways. Maybe I’ll do some more in the future sometime.



SO this means he probably has an older brother or sister. Just think of the possibilities. Potential fabulousness, pokemon battles, family hijinks, calling eachother dorks, aggressive knocking on the bathroom door and yelling so the other can finally shower (Wallace would probably take forever to get ready), questioning Wallace’s current fashion choices, getting each other stupid gag-gifts, PHOTO-ALBUMS AND CHILDHOOD PICTURES calling their significant other’s dorks (Steven in Wallace’s case of course), showing said photo album to each other’s significant others and finding the embarrassing pictures, and so much more.

It’d be so cute and great and I love fictional family shenanigans to the point I’m gonna request art.

EDIT: I have been informed that Wallce has an older sister.

Heeeeey reminder that I’m unemployed and in horrible shape financially right now, so if you’d like to help me out by donating or buying from me, that’d be super cool!

And I FINALLY (after almost 2 months!) have a Pokemon Moon game ready to sell and I should have more once that’s gone! I’ll eventually put them on ebay but I’m offering it here first. You can find details on the commissions page! So if you don’t want custom pokemon, but you DO want a complete shiny dex full of mostly battle-ready Pokemon, then, you know…that’s an option. There are extra Pokemon as well so check the details on my commissions page!

Donations required for commissions:

  • To get 1-5 pokemon, donate $2 each
  • To get 6-24 pokemon, donate $10 per set of 6, plus $2 for each additional pokemon up to the 6th
  • For a box of pokemon, donate $45, plus $10 for each additional set of 6 and $2 for each additional Pokemon up to 6

Price of Pokemon Moon with Complete Shiny Dex (shipping included within the US): $70

The shiny dex pokemon include:

  • First stage Pokemon that can evolve, including babies: Level 1, rare balls where applicable, beneficial natures, full IVs, 3 or 4 egg moves when possible
  • Middle stage Pokemon: Level 50, usually with rare balls, beneficial natures, full IVs, beneficial EVs, competitive movesets
  • Final stage Pokemon (as well as Pokemon that do not evolve): Level 100, usually with rare balls, beneficial natures, full IVs, beneficial EVs, competitive movesets

Shiny versions (as in, not legal) of shiny-locked Pokemon are included in addition to their non-shiny (legal) counterparts, as well as the following:

  • Korean Ditto with the following natures: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Impish, Jolly, Modest, Sassy, Timid
  • Marshadow (shiny and non-shiny, obviously not legal)
  • Alolan forms
  • Alternate forms of Burmy, Shellos, Vivillon, Minior, Deerling, Rotom, Oricorio, and Lycanroc
  • Ash Greninja
  • Event Munchlax

So if you’re interested, please let me know! The best way to contact me about this is by DMing me on @phantumpoftheopera!



mega-luxrite’s “Help me not be broke from moving” commissions!!

Hi guys!! So, I’m going to be moving back in with my Dad and the move alone is going to suck a lot of money out of me………..like, a lot. I need extra money to pay for university and other necessities until I can get a job there, and financially my family isn’t doing the best so I’d like to try and help them!

So, I’m opening up Pokemon commissions indefinitely, until otherwise stated (or probably until I do get a job). Though, a heads up, I’ll gladly accept ordinary non-Pokemon characters for these; Pokemon is just what I’ll be mostly doing!

The information from the images:

Full body characters: $15+ with an additional $5+ per Pokemon! (price depends on complexity/detail

Full team: $35+ for an entire team of 6 Pokemon, with a trainer! (price depends on complexity/detail)

I WILL draw fanart, OCs, and human-like things, I WILL NOT draw NSFW or anthro//furries.

In addition to these, I gladly accept pay-what-you-want commissions; You can make me an offer, and I’ll tell you what I can draw for you!

I use Paypal invoices so please don’t send me payments, as I will send you an invoice for it! If you’d like to just generously throw some money at me, my paypal is emberfate365@hotmail.com!

Thank you for looking through this, and please message me if you’re interested!! Reblogs are incredibly wonderful and I would very much appreciate it! qvq <3

Bot Giveaway (Gen 2)


Its that time again ! I will be giving away every generation two pokemon, excluding Unown and Celebi.

Here’s how it works:
Using a trading bot, I can trade out pokemon without having to be near my DS at all. What I did was input .pk7 files of all the pokemon i want to give away into the bot, and it will sort through the GTS by itself to trade you all.

What to deposit/lock:
~~ Deposit a male Salandit, any level, nicknamed NJSKGA into the GTS for your preferred gen 1 pokemon.
~~ As for level locks, first/solo evolutions will be level 1, second evolutions will be level 50, and fully evolved pokemon will be level 100. This goes by generation 1 and 2 pokemon only- for example, maril is level 1, since Azurill came in a later gen. If you arent sure, dont lock.
~~ Do not gender lock ! the genders are all random.

~~ You can deposit for and receive up to two pokemon per hour.
~~ Follow the rules for level/gender locks stated above.
~~ Please do not message me about your deposit unless it has been in the gts for over an hour.

Alright, thats about it ! Have fun !


The newest batch of Pokemon minis are finally done, too! This round also features my little sister’s Aromatisse, Pepsi Throwback, using Speedo Powers. Or maybe she’s just an underwear model now. Pepsi moves in mysterious ways.

(The full story: it was late, she was talking aloud while playing Y, and slurred ‘speed o-power’ so that it sounded like speedo power. Doodles ensued.) 

The Pokemon mini-commissions are still open. They’re 20$ per pokemon, and anybody interested in having one made can email me at alliebirdseed (at) gmail (dot) com ! More examples can be seen here, and here.

And, as always, thanks so, so much to everybody who commissioned these!! I’ve really enjoyed working on them : D

#094, Gengar! / #070, Weepinbell! / #106, Hitmonlee!

I decided to do a little revamp on the 251 Pokemon Project; instead of randomly generating a single Pokemon per post, there will now be 3 to help things go a little quicker. I am also pleased to say I’m back into watercoloring! I missed the look so much and am very happy to work with this style again. It doesn’t feel forced and I look forward to making more. 

Thank you for viewing!

(Click here to view all Pokemon art completed for the challenge so far!)

i caught myself sounding like a piece of shit capitalist while whining about the new coin-acquiring system in pokemon go. see it used to be 10 coins per pokemon per gym with a maximum of 100 coins every 21 hours but now it’s one coin every 10 minutes with a maximum of 50 coins every 24 hours which sucks for ME because i was one of the players who could get 80-100 coins daily because i play this game every day grinding my ass of to get to level 36 BUT what i and many other high-level players forget is that we were once at a low level had difficulty getting a slot in a gym and were lucky to get 20-30 coins a day. so niantic took the communist approach to make it easier for casual players to get coins so they’re stoked but the die hards, like level 32+ (literally the one percent) are all pissy because they halved our daily coin limit

understandably niantic’s problem was that high-level players stacked gyms with dragonites and blisseys and no one would try to take them, resulting in the easy 100 coins a day and more importantly never having to spend real money on the game, with the majority of players not even trying

so i’m salty that i can’t get coins as fast but it’s definitely good that it’s accessible to more people and it isn’t so one-sided

Some Pokemon Go Tips

Just some things I’ve learned that when I share some people don’t seem to know yet! 

  • CATCH DUPLICATES. Catch them and then return them to prof willow. You can do this by clicking on the pokemon’s stats, scrolling down and hitting transfer. You get pokecandy for this which you can use to evolve/power up your original! 
  • Make sure you compare and contrast CPs of your duplicates. One pikachu might be 10cp and the other 56cp. Keep the higher one, transfer the other. EDIT NOTE: Also check the move set! Some pokemon with lower CPS still have better/different moves! So compare contrast these too!
  • EDIT: EEVEE’S EVOLUTION IS RANDOM (and limited to vaporeon, flareon, and jolteon all of which you can catch in the wild too.) Sources say that Eevee evolves based on it’s second move! Body slam = jolteon, swift = vaporeon, dig = flareon.
  • Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes. (SPIN the picture to get your items) You can visit them for an unlimited amount of time. I live right on top of one and check back in whenever I remember to. YOU DONT HAVE TO CLICK ON EVERY ITEM. Once they drop from the picture, press X and you will collect them all automatically. 
  • Leveling up will give you LURES, INCENSE AND INCUBATORS. So don’t think you NEED to buy these from the shop. 
  • If your wary about spending money for coins, you can GET COINS by having pokemon in gyms. This is the ‘defender bonus’ Theres a shield icon in the shop section that you can refresh every 21 hours. You can have up to 10 pokemon in 10 diff gyms for a total of 100 pokecoins and 5000 stardust a day.(10 Pokecoins and 500 stardust per pokemon)
  • Your gym alliance makes it so that ANY GYM you fight of your own alliance, your pokemon WILL NOT FAINT.  Their hp will reduce to 1 and they will need healing, but they won’t faint. You also gain gym prestige this way which helps strengthen your alliance territory. Any rival gyms however will faint your pokemon and they will need a REVIVE to keep being used. You can also transform them into candy at this point if you are a heartless monster. :( 
  • EDIT: A gym has a max of 3 pokemon traners/defenders. note on the gym level: you can have as many defenders as the level of the gym, three is NOT the max. so if you happen upon a full level three gym, you can train there until it levels up and then add your own defender as well. have had luck with this up to level 5 thus far! If you find a gym of your alliance with only 1 or 2 pokemon in it, you can ADD YOUR POKEMON WITHOUT FIGHTING YOUR FELLOW TEAM. Just drop a pokemon in there! (Do this by clicking the bottom left icon of ‘add pokemon’)
  • More than one trainer can fight one gym leader at a time. Getting a friend to fight with you is the best way to beat the gym!! You attack at the same time.
  • ITS NOT TURN BASED ATTACKS. Its real time! Click once for a basic attack, swipe to dodge, and hold down a click for a SPECIAL ATTACK!
  • My best method is not to dodge at all but just click forever. So long as I have a bigger CP I usually win lol. 
  • Do NOT put your best pokemon into a gym. Your second or third only. You cannot recall your pokemon once its in a gym and you will need it to fight other gyms.  (they get returned to you after they are beaten)
  • Everyone gets one free incubator that lasts forever. Any extras you find or receive from leveling up only last 3 hatches before breaking.
  • TRACKING POKEMON! Sparkling grass doesn’t guarantee a pokemon showing up. The ‘nearby’ tab is the actual tracker. It pulses to indicate it updating. The highest on the list is the closest. 3 footsteps away means THREE RINGS (the area rings around your avatar) away (or more). 2 footsteps means TWO RINGS, one footstep means one ring and NO RINGS MEANS YOU CAN CLICK ON THAT POKEMON AND IT WILL APPEAR IN 10 SECONDS.
  • Battery saver mode, found in settings, works as follows: Once clicked on, if you drop your phone to your side as you walk, with the top of your phone facing the ground, the screen will dim so only the pokemon logo shows. It still tracks your steps for your eggs and it will vibrate and beep when a pokemon shows up. As soon as you lift your phone to your face (right side up) the screen will appear again as normal!
  • The higher level you get, the more rare pokemon you come across.


Anime Summaries

Akame ga Kill: ohh you like a character? *dies* oh the character is developing? *dies* the character has gained a sick ability? *dies* *dies* *dies*

Assassination Classroom: If i kill him i get money but damn hes a good teacher. What do i dooooo????


BTOOOM!: boom boom rape boom rape RAAAAAPEEEE BOOOOOOOOM

Death Note: I’ll kill you and you and you and you but dont worry im a good guy im god i eat potato chips dont worry



Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: i guess it just costs you an arm and a leg

Kuroko no Basuke: *heavy breathing* *sweating*



Shingeki No Kyojin: the titans killed my mom. ill kill all the titans. i am a titan. mikasa is more badass then me.

Tokyo Ghoul: i am not a ghoul i am a wimpy human 


Yugioh: ITS TIME TO D-D-D-D-D-DUEEELLLLL. oh no the only way i can win this duel is to draw this specific card but i believe in THE HEART OF THE CARDS *draws card*