pokemon patronus

Harry Potter AU where Pokemon are able to be a person's patronus

Patronus have the basic fight moves and use them on dementors. Voice activation kinda depends on the strength of the caster.

Can we just imagine this though? Some British fifth year in Dumbledore’s Army finally getting the Patronus charm right and producing a fucking Pikachu?

Or how about this little thing:

Harry Potter - Pikatronus: What if the worlds of wizardry and pocket monsters were combined? Why you’d get a Poketronus of course. This is the first in my Poketronus series.

High quality limited edition 11" x 17" prints can be purchased at my store at artbypastywhite.storenvy.com

Edit: Some people have asked me why I used Pikachu instead of Sawsbuck or Stantler so I thought I would clarify my though process a little here. My response to those inquiries has basically been the following:

 I felt like since Harry Potter and Pikachu are each the respective figure heads for their franchises it was necessary to pair them up. Plus since Harry has a lightning shaped scar and Pikachu uses electric/lightning type techniques and has a lightning shaped tail I didn’t think it would be too far fetched for Pikachu to be his Poketronus.

If I was going by looks alone I would have chosen a Pokemon that had more of the stag look.

anonymous asked:

Okay but the real question is... would the patronuses be able to evolve?

Well some people have suggested on here that a normal animal patronus could start as a baby and then grow as the caster grows and learns to cast a stronger spell. So with that idea it would be like having a puppy patronus and then it becomes a dog when you cast the spell better. So maybe a pokemon patronus would be similar and evolve into stronger versions as you grow up and become better at casting the spell.