pokemon original artwork

Arcanine Gijinka

I created this for one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. My friend Zach B-B has been tremendously helpful and selfless all throughout the semester. I made this Arcanine Gijinka especially for him, inspired by one of his favorite Pokemon. I hope he enjoys it as much as I do his companionship. :)

Arcanine © GAME FREAK 1995-Present
Illustration © Rosey Mae Sommer 2017

Everyone’s on about Pokemon Sun & Moon and I’m over here just content to keep replaying my copy of Pokemon Diamond that I bought from a friend in college along with her DS Lite for $50.

A little pic that I did of me and a [friend’s] Pokemon oc’s. Their Skuntank Syrup (left) and my Weavile Forbes (right). I ship them together hard because the breaks came off the vehicle that is my life and I stopped caring a long time ago. Nothing much else other than that. No crazy world-building, just two Pokemon characters! 


So,,, I found a color palette and drew Artemis with it. A version with Aphrodite (The Sylveon who belongs to a frienc of mine) and Athena (who belongs to my best friend) will be coming soon,,, Also sorry for not doing the vocaloid halloween drawing challenge thing lately,,,,

It’s Artemis againnnn In her human form?? Yea,,, or gijinka idk I changed up her hair style Also the freckles on here are blue but they’re still white on her Umbreon form,,, I just liked the blue better on this Anyway, I’m making her my main sona now,, Like Tundra’s still a sona of mine but I favor Artemis,,,,