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Pokemon GO Delinquents Edition
  • Clarke: (Team Valor) Runs around competing with Bellamy to take over all gyms.
  • Bellamy: (Team Mystic) Runs around competing with Clarke to take over all gyms.
  • Miller: (Team Instinct) Actually takes over all gyms while Bellamy and Clarke are arguing over whose the true Pokemon master.
  • Raven: (Team Mystic) Hacks into the game in order to enable trading, battling, and better accuracy of catching Pokemon.
  • Monty: (Team Instinct) Hacks into the game create a map of where to find each Pokemon.
  • Jasper: (Team Valor) Runs around trying to hatch eggs, gets mad when they're pidgeys.
  • Harper: (Team Mystic) Tries to unlock all the badges.
  • Octavia: (Team Valor) Only has pokemon with CP 1000+
  • Bryan: (Team Instinct) Refuses to transfer any Pokemon so he has 342 pidgeys, 713 weedles, and 488 rattatas
  • Murphy: (Team Instinct) Pretends he doesn't play when in actually he plays more than everyone else.
the 100 playing pokemon go
  • the team splits:
    valor: clarke, octavia, monroe, lexa, miller, emori, and bellamy
    mystic: bryan, harper, jasper, monty
    instinct: murphy, raven, lincoln (no one else joined instinct and gives the three of them shit all the time)
  • raven somehow manages to capture the rare pokemon, and never tells anyone when they spawn. she finds a pikachu on day 1 of playing, and a vaporeon on day 2. the others stop teasing her about being instinct after that.
  • murphy and raven joined instinct because they thought it sounded cool, but soon realized that they made a mistake
  • lincoln joined because octavia told him instinct sucked, and therefore decided he would prove her wrong
  • murphy and lincoln team up to take down their girlfriends 
  • jasper and monty have not stopped singing the theme song since they got the game
  • the dropship is a gym and if anyone cant find one of the delinquents chances are theyre holed up on the top floor 
  • somehow, instinct manages to capture the gym and team valor is pissed
  • lexa is really bad at pronouncing the names so whenever she sees one she jams her phone in clarkes face and has clarke say it
  • bryan and miller arent talking because bryan also found a pikachu and didnt tell miller
  • “im your boyfriend you cant keep that from me” “youre the enemy” “oh? im the enemy???” “would you two shut the fuck up”
  • jasper, monty, and harper disappear every day, and no one knows where they go, until one day one of the others follows them and sees that theyre spending the entire day at the lake, where there are like 6 pokestops
  • emori likes to yell out pokemon that arent actually there just to watch everyone run around and look for them
  • lexa sneaks off at night, and comes back the next morning, having captured 3 rare pokemon
  • she goes on morning runs too, and invites everyone to go with her, but none of them want to get up early or run, even if it does mean hatching their eggs
  • clarke wins the game first. turns out, the whole time, she too has been sneaking off at night and dropping lures. she always comes back before anyone else wakes up
  • murphy and lincoln actually kind of like each other now, having teamed up to take down their girlfriends
  • abby and kane end up taking everyones phones, because none of the kids are doing any of their work, lexa has been gone from the capitol for weeks, and no one can sleep because someone is always up in the middle of the night. when a pokemon spawns, they yell the name loud enough for the others to hear, and then theyre stampeding down the halls, chasing the pokemon
  • once they confiscate the phones, they play just to see what its like, and then the adults get hooked.

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Pokémon Go Headcannon for The 100

-Clarke and Lexa dominate every. Single. Gym. Team Mystic all the way. Every gym is blue. They have this down to a science. They hike together a lot.
-Octavia and Harper are tag teaming trying to take over the gyms (Team Valor for the win)
-Bellamy acts like a snob about it but secretly plays it and annoys Clarke by taking over her gyms (she takes them back, obviously) but she doesn’t?? Know?? Who?? It is??
-Monty and Jasper are just there to have a good time, Team Instinct, name their Pokémon after each other, probably have found a way to hatch eggs without actually walking
-Luna is that one person who is the gym leader of those fucking gyms in the middle of the ocean
-Raven has like 50 rattatas and she’s so mad
-Miller names all his Pokémon swear words and Bryan laughs and punches his arm a lot
-Murphy and Emori take photos of each other squatting and doing peace signs next to Pokémon
-Monty and Jasper are the ones who were actually hardcore into Pokémon as kids and lowkey know what they are doing and are 100% ready to crush everyone when the time is right