pokemon myths

For some of us, Pokemon brings back fond memories of childhood, Cartoon Network, and after-school card-trading sessions. For the rest of us, Pokemon conjures that one weekend in the summer of 2016 when we clocked more than 10 miles on our Fitbits for once. For anyone remotely familiar with Japanese mythology, Pokemon is a watered-down, cutesy version of the worst creatures humanity has ever conjured outside of fanfiction.

Remember the Pokemon Whiscash? It’s a goofy-looking catfish thingy.

Cute, right? It looks like it belongs on an episode of Rugrats or Doug, or your very first attempt at drawing a fish in kindergarten. Whiscash isn’t so adorable once you find out it was probably based on the Namazu, a giant crazy-eyed catfish that caused earthquakes.

Imagine that you lived in ancient Japan and noticed that catfish get extra wiggly right before the Earth itself shook the life out of your loved ones and destroyed your community. It wouldn’t take long to think that a giant catfish might have something to do with your world falling apart. Why they decided the Namazu needed googly eyes is a mystery, though.

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Got these two categories to contend for in the nuzforums nuzlocke extravaganza event (Best Plot and Saddest Death)! Made some poorly timed gifs for the occasion as usual. 

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Note: After the most recent page, felt like I should draw the cutie pies finally reunited after so long. Sorry for the dodgy looking text on the ribbon but only realised most of the way through the drawing I hadn’t planned what would go there and just went with whatever sounded good. Hope this generates more feels and tears~