• Grovyle: Look, we’ll just date, but never talk about exploring, or interact with each other’s friends, or acknowledge each other in public, and I know this sounds like I’m describing enemies, but we can make this work. We’re Romeo and Juliet.
  • Dusknoir: It didn’t work for Romeo and Juliet. That play ends in a tragic double suicide.
  • Grovyle: That’s how it ends? Why do people like it so much?

I’m going with Team Kronch for these guys, just for the sake of this dumb explanation sequence. Thanks to @taeloerohz for helping me name the meme dream team! :D

Close runner-up names you all suggested were Team Blue Skidoo (really frickin’ cute), Team Anklebiters (lol), and Team Stellar (which probably would’ve been the winner if memes didn’t get involved, haha)!