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Here is my masterlist as of June 21, 2016

AKMU Outfits:

AKMU on Weekly Idol 16.06.01



BTS Outfits:

16.5.7 Jimin Twitter Update

Coffee Study Date with BTS

Random Outfit Challenge: BTS

Visiting a Candle Store with BTS

Casual Summer Out with BTS

Art Museum with BTS

Photography with Yoongi and Jungkook

Preforming with BTS 

BTS Aesthetic: Favorite Color

Birthday Party with BTS

Arcade with BTS

Shopping with BTS

90s Concert with BTS

Summer LA Trip with BTS

Summer Road Trip with 


Moving in with BTS

In the Studio with BTS

All Black Outfit: BTS Inspired

Late Night Pokemon Hunting with Hyung/Maknae Line

Female BTS Outfits

I Need U (Girl ver.)

GOT7 Outfits:

Hanging Out with GOT7

Coffee Date with GOT7

First Date with Bambam

IKON Outfits:

IKON Ideal Type Outfits

I.O.I Outfits:


Monsta x Outfits:

Monsta X Ideal Type Outfits

Trip to the Movies with Monsta X

Red Velvet Outfits:


Seventeen Outfits:

Office Power Couple with Seungcheol

Sleepover with Hip-Hop Unit

Twice Outfits:

Cheer Up Concepts Outfits

Wanna One Outfits:

Wanna One Inspired

Outfit Ships:

Outfit Ship #1: Date with Mark

Outfit Ship #2: Date with Jin

Outfit Ship #3: Walking Around the City with Rap Monster

Outfit Ship #4: In the Studio with Yoongi

Outfit Ship #5: Airport with Jungkook

Outfit Ship #6: Road Trip with Jimin

Outfit Ship #7: Dance Practice with Jimin

Outfit Ship #8: Dance Practice with Suga

30 Day OTP AU Challenge

I haven’t seen one of these around, so I decided to make one of them myself: The 30 Day OTP Challenge, AU edition!

I’ve tossed together some of my favorite AUs, some classic, some not so much.  Feel free to go as full-on cliché or completely subversive of tropes as you’d like!  I tried to make it accessible to polyships and platonic ships, as well as included some alternatives just in case (say, if you can’t handle horror, or if your ship is already in one of these situations…).

Don’t forget to tag it “30 Day OTP AU Challenge” so you can keep track, and enjoy!

  1. Coffee Shop, High School, or College AU (start with the classic)
  2. Pirates AU
  3. One member human, the other(s) supernatural creatures or with supernatural powers.
  4. Oregon Trail AU
  5. Pacific Rim AU (or, your favorite cheesy sci-fi movie)
  6. Horror survival AU (zombies, etc.)
  7. Secret agent(s) AU
  8. Merpeople AU
  9. Pokemon AU
  10. World War 2 AU
  11. Cops (or cop/criminal) AU
  12. Mass Effect AU (or, your favorite sci-fi video game)
  13. Pick your favorite TV show set in the past (or pseudo-past).  Your ship is now the main characters.
  14. Kitchen Nightmares/Chef AU
  15. Rich family/hired hand AU
  16. Superheroes AU
  17. Egyptologist AU (The Mummy, or other culture of your choice)
  18. One of them receives the others’ package (of sex toys) by mistake AU
  19. Reversed positions AU (i.e., one has the job another usually has and vice versa)
  20. Soulmate AU of some variety (countdown, seeing colors, bonding on sight, etc.)
  21. Prohibition-era AU
  22. Android and Human AU
  23. Mythology AU (your origin of choice)
  24. Grew up together and then moved away AU
  25. Fantasy of choice AU (Dark, High, Urban, etc.)
  26. Bodyguard AU
  27. Criminals (or Mafia) AU
  28. PTA Archrivals AU
  29. Pick your favorite TV show set in the present/future.  Your ship is now the main characters.
  30. Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU

+1. College/high school professors/teachers AU
+2. Vet/Wereanimal (or just vet) AU
+3. Alpha/Beta/Omega AU
+4. Doctor/Med school AU
+5. Lawyer/Law school AU
+6. Dystopian AU
+7. Time Traveler(s) AU
+8. Movie/Book/Show/Game of your choice AU
+9. Characters STUCK in Movie/Book/Show/Game of your choice AU
+10. Evil-verse AU

Pokeani 25 Day Challenge, day 8: favorite movie

The Power of One

The reason why I picked this movie is, I’m gonna have to admit, probably because I grew up with it (it is without a doubt the Pokemon movie I’ve seen the most often). As a child I didn’t like it that much, but now at an older age I appreciate the funny moments, the exciting moments and - wait for it - the Pokeshipping in this movie much more, not to mention some visually stimulating scenes and the hauntingly beautiful music. (One thing that still bugs me though, is that the only consequence of trying to capture the legendary Pokemon and nearly destroying the world for the Pokemon collector Lawrence III was losing his aircraft.)