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Pokeani 25 Day Challenge, day 8: favorite movie

The Power of One

The reason why I picked this movie is, I’m gonna have to admit, probably because I grew up with it (it is without a doubt the Pokemon movie I’ve seen the most often). As a child I didn’t like it that much, but now at an older age I appreciate the funny moments, the exciting moments and - wait for it - the Pokeshipping in this movie much more, not to mention some visually stimulating scenes and the hauntingly beautiful music. (One thing that still bugs me though, is that the only consequence of trying to capture the legendary Pokemon and nearly destroying the world for the Pokemon collector Lawrence III was losing his aircraft.)

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1. What RPG class would you be?

Tank is the dream. But I over-estimate myself always.

2. Sea, sky, or land?


3. Favorite Cartoon?

I love me some Steven Universe because yeah. I also just love lots of cartoons.

4. What pokemon type would you be (dual type is fine)?

Ghost and Fire.

5. 1 goal you have?

What are goals?? Here’s one; get a goal.

6. What song did you listen to last?


7. Last Movie you watched?

Power Rangers!

8. What Game do you want?


9.  Got any OCs? (Post with image if you do!)

I have lots of OCs, but I don’t have pictures. Yikes.

10. Favorite monsters?


11. Any cryptids you afraid of?

Not a cryptid, but I’m especially wary of the Fair Folk.

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