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Pokémon Center is going to release LIFE-SIZED plush of all the evolutions of Eevee! From Vaporeon to Sylveon, your favourite will be in the lot!

Eevee plush will be 3 240 yen, while the eeveelutions will go on sale for 21 600 yen each. You can also buy the LOT for 176 000 yen (about $1550). 

The campaign will go on sale on Pokémon Center Online JP from June 10th, 10 a.m, to July 31st, 23:59 p.m, 2017.


All new Banpresto plushies announced! Here’s the line up:

- 24cm Pikachu Tea Party Plush - June 8th
- 15cm Pokémon Tea Party Plush - June 8th
- Grass Type Kororin 12cm Plush - June 13rd
- Bulbasaur Large 26cm Kororin Plush - June 13rd
- Movie 20 24cm Pikachu (Lot 1) - June 22nd
- Movie 20 24cm Pikachu (Lot 2) - June 27th 
- Psyduck 37cm Plush - June 27th
- Movie 20 Pikachu, Lucario, Luxray and Piplup 12cm Plush - June 27th