Equality Golbat: “Don’t compare your racial preferences to sexual orientation. You’re just racist.”

Aversion to or preference for a certain ethnicity doesn’t take the form of some subconscious or physical arousal response. That’s because race and gender are two different things. Just because you can use language to compare two things doesn’t mean they actually work the same way.


I put way too much time into this. I calculated the most common pokemon types(Water 124 -> Normal 97, etc.) as well as most common birth dates(averaged each day over the 12 months), and most common first name initials in order to put this together. So, the more common your birth day and first initial, the more common your pokemon types!

I also mixed in some blanks in the secondary types to be more realistic, as well as took out a lot of the super uncommon letters to give people a better chance of being dual typed, because that’s more fun!

There is a pretty likely chance you’ll get a typing that doesn’t currently exist in pokemon, and that’s fine! I wanted this to be somewhat vague, and up to personal interpretation. If you get a non existing type combo, you can be creative and try to come up with what pokemon you’d actually be! :)

Anyway, I hope people enjoy this since I put so much effort into it to make it “accurate”. haha

Talk to your followers; Legendary Pokemon Style
  • Articuno:When was the last time you thought you were going to freeze to death?
  • Zapdos:Have you ever been in a situation without power for a long time?
  • Moltres:Remember that one time you were a sweaty pig, why was that?
  • Mewtwo:Ever had a time when you felt like the power of the world was in your hand?
  • Mew:When was an act of selflessness affected your life?
  • Raikou:Boom! Thunderstorm, bad times, explain?
  • Entei:You ever felt like you were on fire(doing said thing very well) when you were doing something?
  • Suicune:Favorite winter memory?
  • Lugia:Do you shy away from problems or face them head on?
  • Ho-oh:Ever had a day where nothing could bring you down from your eternal happiness?
  • Celebi:Is there a time you wish you could go back to, and why?
  • Regirock:Have you ever done a act of service that required huge labor, what did you do?
  • Registeel:Is there something you had problems with but now it can't even scratch on you?
  • Regice:Has anyone have ever been so cold and rude to you, that it left you immobile?
  • Latios:Is there a male role model that has impacted your life?
  • Latias:Is there a female role model that has impacted your life?
  • Kyorge:Favorite experience in the water.
  • Groudon:Favorite experience in summer!
  • Rayquaza:Ever had a moment where you felt like you could fly?
  • Jirachi:What's something you have always been wishing for, but know it probably won't happen?
  • Deoxys:Has anyone told you to change who you are? What did you do?
  • Uxie:That one moment in school where you were the smartest kid in the class, please do share that!
  • Mesprit:On a scale of 1-10 how well do you control your emotions?
  • Azelf:If you start something how likely are you to finish it?
  • Diagla:Do you feel like time goes by too fast or too slow?
  • Palkia:Ever though about what is out there in space?
  • Heatran:Least favorite thing about summer?
  • Regigagas:Do you feel like you a better person then you 5 years ago?
  • Giratina:Where's the one place in your life where you feel like you could be completely you?
  • Cresselia:A moment where you felt true peace?
  • Phione:Who do you consider to be parent, if you couldn't choose your real parents?
  • Manaphy:Is there a place, that no matter how lost you are, could always find your way back there?
  • Darkrai:Ever had a bad thought about someone/something? Did you regret thinking it?
  • Shaymin:Is there a certain time in the year where you feel like you are happier then the other times.
  • Arceus:What do you think is gonna happen in the afterlife, if you believe in that?
  • Victini:Ever had a super lucky moment?
  • Colbalion:Did you ever step up and take the role as leader?
  • Terrakion:If you had really big strength, what would you do with it?
  • Virizion:Ever had a situation where you had to leave super fast? What?
  • Tornadus:Ever had problems with tornados?
  • Thundurus:What's the clostest distance you have been to a lightning strike?
  • Landorus:Been in an earthquake?
  • Reshiram:If you could scorch the world and get rid of something, what would it be?
  • Zekrom:If you could add something to the world, what would it be?
  • Kyurem:Do you have a friend that is just like you?
  • Keldeo:Ever had a really cool under dog moment you would like to share?
  • Meloetta:Do you like your voice?
  • Genesect:What bugs you the most?

Don’t out people without their consent.  That shit gets people killed.

Yeah, I know the thing about Kristen Stewart turned out to be made up–that’s originally what this meme was about.  The reason I’m still posting this now is that 1) it’s still valid, and 2) I’m worried that a lot of “allies” will out people in the wake of the marriage ruling because “the gays have equality now.”

Don’t do that.  Besides it being a truly terrible breach of trust, I and a whole lot of other queer and especially trans people don’t want to die or be kidnapped to reparative “therapy” camps (arguably worse) because some overconfident cis(het) with a ridiculously simplified and bourgeois view of current politics decided to run their mouth.