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Daily Pokemon Blog Masterpost!

Hey there everyone! pokemon-i-choose-you here and I think a trend has started lately (:

Thanks to @dailyrowlet, there has been literally an ABUNDANCE of “Daily Pokemon” blogs that have sprung up!

So here is a list of Daily Pokemon Blogs that you can follow:

@dailyalolaninetales, @dailyalolanvulpix, @dailyalolavulpix, @dailyarcanines, @dailybeedrill, @dailybrionne, @dailycelebi, @dailycinnamonthealolanraichu, @dailyclefairy, @dailydragonair, @dailydrampas, @dailydittomon, @dailyeevees, @dailyflygon, @dailygengar @dailygrimer, @dailygulpin@dailyhoppip, @dailyhoundournlitten, @dailyjolty, @dailyleafeon, @dailylitwick @dailylucarioandriolu, @dailymagby, @dailymawile, @dailymesprit, @dailymimikyu, @dailymimantis  @dailyminccino, @dailynymphia, @dailypetilil, @dailyphantumps, @dailypidove@dailyribombee, @dailyrotom @dailyroserade, @dailysalandit, @dailysandygast, @dailyscraggy@dailysewaddle, @dailysilvallysketches​, @dailyshinygoomy​, @dailyshinycutiefly, @dailyshiinotic@dailyskitty​, @dailysylveon, @dailytapukoko, @dailytorchic, @dailytrubbish@dailywigglytuff, @dailyyungoos, @dailyzubat

@sableyedaily, @togedemarudaily, @goomyday, @mimikyudaily​, @lugiadaily, @daily-flaaffy, @dailyvulpix, @pumpkaboo-daily, @banettedaily,  @flygon-daily, @espeon-daily,

I got lazy towards the end of it and didn’t feel like going alphabetical omg I apologize

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this is not a big post but oh my god this took a lot of time, and I still didn’t get to most of them omg. but hope you enjoy anyway!

Aspect Legendary Pokemon Masterpost:

Time: Dialga

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Space: Palkia

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Light: Solgaleo

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Void: Lunala

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 Breath: Latias and Latios

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Blood: Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion

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Mind: Mewtwo

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Heart: Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie

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Life: Xerneas

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Doom: Zygarde

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Hope: Zekrom

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Rage: Reshiram

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Someone requested a masterpost of all my Dual Type/Hybrid Eeveelutions, which I thought was a great idea! You can also find them on the Extras page of my Pokemon Index.

Soluneon (Dark/Psychic)

Tundreon (Grass/Ice)

Lureon (Water/Dark)

Kindleon (Grass/Fire)

Unseeleon (Dark/Fairy)

Floeon (Ice/Water)

Plasmeon (Fire/Electric)

Thermeon (Ice/Fire)

Kelpeon (Water/Grass)

Floreon (Fairy/Grass)

Sporeon (Dark/Grass)

Tsuneon (Psychic/Fire)

?????? (Water/Fairy)

Pokemon Offerings and Working With Them Masterpost

Here is a masterpost of items you can put on altars for offerings to pokemon or to work with their energy or with them as guides. This is by pokemon type and compiled from my personal grimoires

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Offerings: matches, ashes, candles (especially red), tea lights, LED candles, lighters, charcoal, black salt, cooked foods, spicy things, hot sauce, pepper flakes, black pepper, peppercorn, images of fire and volcanoes, lava lamps, chocolate, hot chocolate, dark roast coffee, fire related herbs like cinnamon, basil, sunflowers, and oak; fire related crystals like amber, carnelian, diamond, and bloodstone; anything red or orange, images of fire pokemon

Correspondences: power, anger, passion and lust, energy, strength, love, purification, courage, competition, victory, destruction and the element of fire

Spell types: burning, smoke cleansing, candle spells, fire elemental; strength spells, courage spells, revenge curses/spells; love spells


Offerings: waters of all types (tap, rain, ocean, river, etc), sea salt, sea shells, beach sand, river dirt/sand, blue candles, ocean scented things (candles, lotion, sprays, etc), crab/crustacean shells, bath bombs and bath products, soap, spray bottles, images of the sea, lakes, rivers, rain, etc; pearls, anything blue, water related herbs like seaweed, lotus, cucumber, and aloe; water related crystals like aquamarine, lapis lazuli and sodalite; images of water pokemon or dive/net pokeballs

Correspondences: peace, tranquility, compassion, pure love (self-love), knowledge, purification and cleansing, emotions and emotional balance, and healing

Spell types: bath spells, spells using water, water elemental spells; cleansing, healing spells, tranquility/peace spells, self love spells


Offerings: living plants and succulents, leaves, grass, dried and fresh herbs, flowers and flower petals, natural scented incenses, oils and candles (like pine, clove, mint, forest, floral, etc), wooden objects, tree branches and bark, images of forests, meadows, and fields; fresh produce, foods containing vegetables and fruit, herbal teas, fresh water, watering cans, gardening tools, seeds and nuts, planting soil, green candles and tea lights, anything that is green and earthy colors, images of plant pokemon

Correspondences: prosperity, life, learning, youth, growth, the natural world, plants and plant magic, healing and health, luck, material gain and wealth

Spell types: herbal spells, teas, kitchen magick, garden magick, forest magick; healing spells, wealth and prosperity spells, luck spells, growth spells


Offerings: batteries, copper, wires, electronics, computers/tablets/phones/etc, cds, flash drives, yellow candles, energy drinks, sugar, storm and rainwater, sounds of rain and thunder, images of storms and lightning, LED candles, fairy lights/christmas lights, yellow things, lightning symbols, lemons and citrus, lemon balm, yellow flowers and plants, rice, yellow foods, sour foods and candies, trail mix, energy bars, motivational quotes and images, images of electric type pokemon

Correspondences: happiness, youth, energy, motivation, action, movement, change, power, and friendship

Spell types: storm magick/spells, motivational spells, happiness spells, friendship spells, charging and empowering spells, self-empowerment, energy work


Offerings: honey, sugar water, soda and sugary beverages, fruit, leaves and greenery, flowers (especially bee friendly ones), hives/wasp nests (safely collected of course), wax/bees wax, yellow and green candles, sweet flowery or fruity scents and oils, spider webs, woven things, braided threads, sewing supplies, quilt work, silk, green and yellow crystals, images of bug pokemon and/or net balls

Correspondences: mending, repair, transformation, growth, life lessons, change

Spell types: knot magic, woven or sewn, mending things, growth spells, accepting change spells; binding spells, curses related to paranoia and anxiety


Offerings: purple, indigo and yellow candles; purple, indigo and yellow items; divination tools like tarot cards, divining rods, pendulums, and scrying mirrors; books, writing tools and supplies, art supplies like paints, inks, etc; crystals related to divination and psychic work like amethyst, mugwort, tea and tea supplies, herbs for divination and psychic work like dandelion, fig and orange peels; incenses that relate to psychic and divination work, essential oils associated with psychic and divination work, images of stars, planets, the sky and nebulae; images of psychic pokemon

Correspondences: divination, psychic abilities/work, communication, self exploration, curiosity, knowledge, wisdom, meditation, focus/memory, creativity, inspiration, mysticism

Spell types: divination, psychic work, meditation, dream work, cosmic witchcraft, written or drawn spells, sigil work, creativity spells, inspiration spells, knowledge spells, memory spells, improving communication


Offerings: black pepper, obsidian, onyx and other black crystals; black candles, storm water and salt, images and representation of the moon and night sky; moonstone, moon water, garnet, herbs associated with cursing like nightshade, rosemary, and foxglove (use caution with poisonous plants), black soil, charcoal and ashes, black ink or paint, glow in the dark objects and items, images of dark type pokemon

Correspondences: the unknown, mysticism, the moon/night, invisibility, peace, silence, banishing, cunning; curses of all kinds

Spell types: banishing and warding, invisibility spells, curses of all kinds, moon and night related magic


Offerings: bones, graveyard dirt, apples, pomegranate, necromantic herbs like mugwort, mullein, mandrake and lavender; black and purple candles, skulls and imagery of skulls, crow feathers, dead plants and flowers, dried flowers/herbs, meat dishes, images of graveyards, blood, hematite, bloodstone, red wine, salt and black salt, iron, poisonous plants/herbs (use with caution), pendulum, tarot cards, ouija board, mirrors and scrying mirrors, images of ghost pokemon

Correspondences: death, endings, new beginnings, rebirth, renewal; sorrow, loss, fear

Spell types: spirit work, necromancy, ending things, cutting ties, unbinding, banishing; curses of all kinds, binding


Offerings: glitter, sweets, baked goods, fruit, honey, beauty products, lotions, bath bombs, candy, bows and ribbons, nail polish, flowers, flower scented incense and oils, perfumes, mirrors, pink and white candles, gold, jewelry, rose quartz, clear quartz, pink and white crystals, lace, floral print, clothing and accessories, images of the moon, glitter jars, arts and crafts supplies, himalayan pink salt, epsom salts, floral or fruit teas, sugar, molasses, images of friends and loved ones, cotton balls and soft things, beads, pearls, images of fairy pokemon

Correspondences: glamour, beauty, youth, grace, passion, self love, whimsy, wishes, fantasy, friendship and family

Spell types: kitchen magic (especially baking), cottage magic, glamour, mirror magic, bath spells; self love spells, beauty spells, happiness spells, friendship spells, bonding spells, wishes


Offerings: poisonous herbs and plants (use with caution); willow, elm, mugwort, purple candles, amethyst, tanzanite, any purple crystals, purple things, toxic stones and gemstones (use with caution), iron, needles and sharp things, slime and sludge, lava lamps or glitter lamps, black lights, glow in the dark objects, images of poison pokemon

Correspondences: endurance, survival, emotional balance and strength, patience; spite, cursing, chaos

Spell types: endurance spells, emotional balance spells; cursing of all sorts, hexes, poisoning relationships

Ground and Rock

Offerings: dirt and mud, earth related herbs like wheat, oats, and ash; breads and grains, rice, rocks and stones, crystals related to earth like jade, jet and sandstone; clay and pottery, root vegetables, potatoes, raw metals, sand, brown candles, salt, images of mountains, caves, and canyons; anything brown, images of ground/rock pokemon

Correspondences: strength, endurance, balance, stability, wealth, respect, humbleness, grounding, maturity

Spell types: burying things, grounding and centering; strength spells, wealth spells


Offerings: ice water, melted snow, snowflake symbols/items, images of winter and snow, winter clothes, blankets, hats, scarves, mittens, blue and white candles, clear and white gemstones like clear and milky quartz, white glitter, silver, pine needles, pine cones, pine incense/oils, anything related to winter, the winter solstice or winter holidays, deer antlers, images of ice pokemon

Correspondences: isolation, shelter, serenity, beauty, grace, snow/winter magic, meditation, sleep, rebirth, new discoveries, cleansing, purification, protection

Spell types: invisibility, cleansing, cottage magic, serenity and peace spells, beauty spells, sleep spells, bringing new things into one’s life, protection spells; binding, freezing others


Offerings: incense, bells, feathers, imagery of clouds and sky, pinwheels, wind chimes, instruments, music, poetry, light fabrics, cotton, dandelion fluff/seeds, yellow, blue and white candles; headphones, ipods/radios, kites, air related herbs like lemongrass, mistletoe and lavender; air related crystals like fluorite, turquoise and mica; stamps and envelopes, art supplies, books, writing supplies, cameras, photos and drawings, divination tools like tarot cards and pendulums, mirrors, glass, wand, broom/besom, ribbons and string, soft things, bird’s nests, branches of bendy trees, images of flying type pokemon

Correspondences: weather, air element, flight, freedom, music, happiness, joy, divination, travel, discovery, communication, adventures

Spell types: divination, art and written spells, song and music spells, incense spells, weather magic, wind calling, air elemental spells, flying spells, inspiration spells, creativity spells, travel spells, communication spells


Offerings: bread, cooked meals, rice, quinoa, potatoes, blankets and pillows, home related tools and ‘knick knacks’, images of friends and family, wool, brown and white candles, kitchen tools and cooking supplies, cleaning supplies and tools, besom and brooms, warm scented candles and incense, brown and white crystals and stones, toys, postcards and letters from loved ones, baby powder, tissues and tissue paper, candy and cookies, candy and cookie tins/boxes, images of normal type pokemon

Correspondences: the home and hearth, family, friends, peace, content, nostalgia, memories, comfort, cleansing, warding, protection especially of the family and home

Spell types: cottage magic, kitchen magic, family related magic, friendship spells, protection spells, memory spells, comfort and calming spells, warding


Offerings: trophies, sports equipment, outdoor gear, red candles, strong incense and oils, chalk, healthy foods, foods high in protein, vitamins, epsom salts, crystals and herbs associated with power, images of fighting types

Correspondences: strength, power, victory, overcoming foes/tragedies; aggression, anger

Spell types: strength spells, power spells, competition related spells; curses relating to revenger or anger


Offerings: metals of all kinds, nails, tools, metal containers and objects, gray, silver and gold candles; gray, silver and gold colored objects; chains, wires, tacks, and images of steel type pokemon

Correspondences: defense, protection, endurance, invincibility, self-assurance, self-empowerment, warding

Spell types: protection spells of all types, warding


Offerings: cloves, cinnamon, bay laurel, sage, pepper, allspice, sunstone, carnelian, jasper, onyx, obsidian, amber, citrine, glass and glass objects, nuts, meats/high protein meals, beans, wines and alcohol, lanterns and candles, colors of red and purple, depictions of dragons and dragon related objects, dragon scales or dragon scaled items, dice, fantasy novels and books, images of dragon pokemon

Correspondences: dragons, power, nobility, respect, motivation, travel, mysticism, seeking the truth, loyalty

Spell types: draconic magic; strength and power spells, respect spells, self empowerment spells, motivation spells, loyalty spells, learning and discovery related spells

PDC Masterpost!

Day 1-Getting Started

Day 2-Kanto

Day 3-Kanto Starters

Day 4- Team Rocket

Day 5-Johto

Day 6-Johto Starters

Day 7-Team Rocket Part 2

Day 8-Hoenn

Day 9-Hoenn Starters

Day 10-Team Aqua

Day 11-Team Magma

Day 12-Pokemon Contests

Day 13-Sinnoh

Day 14-Sinnoh Starters

15-Team Galactic


17-Unova Starters

18-Team Plasma

19-Unova 2 years later

20-Unova Starters Final Evolution

21-New Team Plasma


23-Kalos Starters

24-Team Flare


26-Alola Starters

27-Team Skull

28-Pokemon Rangers

29-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

30-Pokemon Go

31-End of a Journey

Cheer Up Post #4105 - Pokemon Food Edition

dorianslover would also love a post featuring food inspired by Pokemon. Enjoy!


Food Masterpost

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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my dad playing pokemon go masterpost

my dad downloaded pokemon go 3 (three) days ago and so far he

  • has already gotten to level 11
  • drives circles around his local park to collect pokestops and hatch eggs
  • has 150+ pokeballs from this
  • picked charmander as his starter
  • joined team instinct
  • says that psyduck is his favorite pokemon so far
  • felt genuinely upset after hatching a jynx from a 10km egg (he wanted something “cool”)
  • caught an exeggutor at publix and nearly cried because it’s “his strongest one yet”
  • actively researches pokemon go and texts me tips, tricks, and facts he thinks i don’t know
  • brings his charger with him so he can play at work
  • will leave the house at the drop of a hat in the middle of the night if there’s something rare somewhere outside
  • is a more passionate trainer than i could ever hope to be
Haikyuu!! x Pokemon Go Masterpost
  • Mystic: Suga, Ennoshita, Tsukki, Yamaguchi, Kuroo, Kenma, Fukunaga, Shibayama, Oikawa, Yahaba, Kunimi, Saru, Akaashi, Shirabu
  • Valor: Asahi, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Hinata, Yamamoto, Inuoka, Lev, Mattsun, Makki, Iwaizumi, Kyouken, Bokuto, Washio, Komi, Ushiwaka, Semi, Goshiki
  • Instinct: Daichi, Kai, Yaku, Watari, Kindaichi, Konoha, Onaga, Reon, Tendou
Masterpost of Pokemon Go teams

There are some teams that are starting to form for Pokemon Go, so here’s a list of all the teams that have been currently made so far:

  • Team Ace- A group of asexual/aromantic people that plan to play Pokemon Go; they also help out wildlife
  • Team Peridot- A beginner trainer friendly team.
  • Team Dreamer- built on the philosophy that pokemon should be loved and cared for before anything else.
  • Team Rocket- a Team Rocket group formed on skype (message @agentsassy005 for more details).
  • Team Raptor- a team that mainly uses ghost, dragon, dark, and psychic pokemon. 
  • Team Magma- based off of Omega Ruby’s Team Magma; they’re also a charity blog.
  • Team Aqua- Based off of Alpha Sapphire’s group Team Aqua; they’re also a charity blog.
  • Team Pan- an lgbtqia+ all inclusive team that will allow anyone to join; they also feature a pokemon go comic series.
  • Team Spartan-  A team that will accept everyone, like you’re in a little family.
  • Team Skybreaker- a beginning trainer-friendly team, where everyone is welcome to join.
  • Team Serenity-  a friendly team that emphasizes tranquility and peace.
  • Team Galactic- Based off of Team Galactic from Diamond and Pearl; a charity blog as well.
  • Team Plasma- Based off of Team Plasma from Black and White; another great charity blog too! 
  • Team Kinnect-  A double-friendly team for Otherkin that welcomes both casual and competitive players.
  • Team Omega-  A team that accepts trainers of any skill level.
  • Team Constellation-  A beginner, kid, and lgbtq+ friendly! Their goal is to find Jirachi.
  • Team Gator-  a team that uses water and dragon types.
  • Team Bard-  A team for anyone who wants to spread the wonders of music all around the world. Their ultimate goal is to catch Meloetta.

There’s also the exception of Silph Road,  a subreddit group that plans to make a grassroots network of Pokemon Go trainers. 

If I missed any teams, please feel free to notify me and I will edit this post!

hello friends!

in case you haven’t noticed, pokemon go is pretty huge in all the countries it is out in (and some of the countries its not!) so here are some little tips to help you be prepared! also theres loads bc i asked my friend @rosalie-bambi and we both got a bit carried away aha

  • bottle of water. bc dehydration is not something u want whilst out catching pokemon
  • snacks. something like trail mix or energy bars, rather than just sweets, as they will give you more energy 
  • portable phone charger. lbr, even on battery saver mode, it still drains the battery rly quickly
  • comfortable footwear. blisters are the absolute WORST, and having sore feet from lots of walking sure isnt fun either
  • umbrella / raincoat. depending on wear u live, the weather may be unpredictable (like england)
  • hat + suncream. again, the weather can be unpredictable
  • a friend!
  • plasters. in case you do get blisters or the great outdoors attacks u
  • a blanket or something to sit on if you get tired
  • emergency money just in case

feel free to add anything more u recommend / add any tips you’ve learnt from playing the game :)

- helena x