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HelsingShipping - Marshal X Grimsley

Bitter over Grimsley’s SM design, very much over wish that if they wanted a ‘black and white’ theme in 2 characters, they’d gone with Grimsley AND Marshal to duel represent…

– So here’s low-key shippy junk, with one as a sorta postcard.

I’ll. Work on fixing the melding of the background shading in the future..

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The elite four are often regarded as the strongest four trainers (baring the regions champion) of the region in which they reside. The only exception being Kanto and Johto who share an elite four, which has changed over the years with Bruno being the only staying member. The concept of the elite four is based on the ‘four heavenly kings’ who are gods in Buddhism.



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anonymous asked:

Your opinions on mienshao and lucario?

                    “I haven’t raised a Lucario yet, so come back after my little girl evolves and I’ll let you know how I feel about them then. Mara’s just a baby, though, so it might take some time.

                    “That aside, Mienshao are amazing Pokemon- no questions asked. They’ve got amazing attack stats- as most Fighting Types do- but they have something a lot of people, and Pokemon, lack. They have speed. I would personally put their muscular systems at a much higher level than any human’s. They’re also very strategical creatures, so if you’re not used to thinking of strategies for your Pokemon, I wouldn’t suggest a Mienshao.

                    “The fur you see dangling in front of their paws is the second weapon. Once you’ve fully trained and raised your Mienshao, their speed and agility are key. As the Pokedex says, once they get started on their jabs, they cannot be stopped and are so fast, some people can’t even see them with how fast they move.

                    “The jabs are one thing, but the fur is used like a whip- extendable, retractable, completely like Indiana Jones here. So even if a jab misses, the whipping fur can still get you. It can be a dangerous- and even lethal- combination. You’d need to not only train it to utilize this ability to its fullest potential, but also train it to learn what’s too much… Otherwise there could be a fatality.

                    “Because of this, Mienshao need to be groomed on a very regular basis. Certain shampoos, conditioning is a definite must, brushing… If the fur is matted or clumped, the whip won’t be very effective. No amount of training will help if the Pokemon cannot use it.

                    “Their whiskers are very sensitive to air pressure, as well, and when trained right, those whiskers can easily detect the minor changes in the air and detect how to dodge the incoming attack accordingly. Though they have small feet, their claws need clipping regularly too, but not too much so. Those claws can be taught to feel the changes in the ground- a stampede of Pokemon or an underground Pokemon using Dig, for instance. It’s not perfect, but it’s possible.

                    “Mienshao are very high maintenance Pokemon. VERY high maintenance. I don’t mean a once-a-week bath, I mean like an every-other-day at MINIMUM bath schedule. Be ready to spoil your Mienshao rotten if you’re planning on raising one. However, their loyalty is undeniable, and they get rather territorial… Aggressively so.

                    “On the flip side, they’re naturally sweet and gentle Pokemon, so long as you don’t forcibly harm what they’re protecting. Not a Pokemon I’d recommend to a new trainer, but definitely a companion for life.