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Luckyshipping Hints in Volume 23

People always tell me that there wasn’t any Luckyshipping in the FRLG arc.

So here’s basically what I picked up from the first volume in FRLG alone.

(I’ll be using English names so that it matches the scans I show)

1. Silver says that she nicknamed her Jigglypuff and it was thanks to the Pokédex Holders. Jiggly’s level is pre-GSC. The only person who nicknames their Pokémon is Red. Yellow does not get her’s until the very end of FRLG.

2. Red carries her after she faints. A lot of people forget this actually happened.

3. As previously shown in the Yellow arc and even the GSC arc, Green(f) views Red as her friend. Likewise, he also views her as his friend and respects her privacy.

4. His resolve to fight is still here, even in the VIZ version. We’ve never seen Red this angry, not even with Giovanni in the RGB days and not even in ORAS.

5. Again, back to respect. He wants to leave her out of this, but he knows her well enough that she’ll join the fight. Plus Red is the one who recommended that Green(f) is worthy of learning the ultimate move.

FRLG as an arc is very complex. It’s my most controversial arc as there are things that I loved and things that I hated. But if you actually haven’t made an effort to read this arc in its entirety, you miss the point of the arc.


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