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Amourshipping Week Day 2: Letters

Rain pattered against the roof as wind howled among the treetops. Students and teacher huddled near the center of the classroom, trying to stay clear of the elements raging outside.

“Well, even Melemele can deal with foul weather sometimes,” Professor Kukui told the class with a sheepish laugh, rubbing the back of his head self-consciously. “Our field trip will have to wait until tomorrow, eh?”

Disappointment weighed heavily in the air, perhaps even more smothering than the humidity from the storm.

A brief knock rapped on the door. “How about a fun assignment to chase away the bad weather blues?” 

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Better Pokemon Team Goals

way more interesting/unique goals that fit a theme, affect gameplay, and arent just ‘destroy/take over the world with this region’s legendary’ pls…. just ideas

Team Rocket: casinos, and weaponizing pokemon to takeover all local businesses (especially the radio stations), they’d be in all regions, at least by their casinos, underground psuedo-gyms and pokemon black market

Team Aqua/Magma: these guys are just having a ridiculous turf war everything local gets dragged into. some businesses periodically become inaccessible at random due to it ‘belonging’ to a different team, or different towns will suddenly have random type restrictions

Team Galactic: ok, sure, destroy the world with legendaries. they can have this one. they’re sorta ~out there~

Team Plasma: what they were on the tin, just to aggressively liberate pokemon and illegalize battles, destroy anything that supports them- such as attacking poke centers and sealing routes/caves!!!

Team Flare: monetize and sell shiny/rare pokemon, capture any legendaries for a paid admission show. would attempt to buy interesting pokemon as well. think the diamond industry.

Team Skull: Down With Cis??? i dont know, just directionless hoodlum gang wanting to mess everything up. -active disinterest- in legendaries, gyms, and power structures

okay but when I was little and I’d go for ridiculously long car rides, I’d imagine that there were Pokemon watching me through the woods. Aipom would follow me by leaping from telephone pole to streetlight. We’d get off at a rest stop and I’d instinctively wander off to the trees to see where they went, and if I could take them with me. (Mom would have to pull me back and drag me to the bathroom). When I went to the beach, I’d imagine there were Tentacruel looming in the ocean, but Vaporeon watching over me and keeping them at bay. When I went to stores I’d see Smeargle putting the finishing coat of paint on the products, Mr. Mime restocking. 

It was a silly little game I would play when I was bored and had nothing to do and couldn’t get to my GameBoy, but I have so many good memories of defending the ocean from Lugia or liberating overworked Pokemon from HomeDepot. 

I’m so, so excited to see GameFreak take on Pokemon Go, if only so I can relive these crazy little fantasies, and get to have them with other people. I know they will do a great job keeping that magic alive, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.