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Pokémon GO - Things To Know!

Pokémon GO newest update has brought us a bunch of new features, hidden gems, and more!

More Details on the Pokémon GO: Master’s Guide by @megapokemonxy​ coming for #TeamInstinct #TeamMystic #TeamValor

  • NOT EVERY Raid Battle Level 4 Gives You Fast/Charge TM Rewards
  • Feed a wild CP ??? Pokémon a Golden Razz Berry to turn its Red circle Green
  • Wild Pokémon do not flee as quickly if you feed it a Razz Berry before each throw.
  • Raid Bosses are easily caught with Excellent throws and Razz Berry throws.
  • Raid Bosses CP are “weak” sometimes: CP 1400 - CP 1800
  • There is a simple trick to get Excellent Poké Ball throws every single time!
  • Do NOT try to solo-defeat a Venusaur. You will waste a “RAID PASS”.

  • RAID 1 BATTLES are easily won when you’re at LEVEL 5 to 17!
  • Feed Pokémon Nanab Berry to calm their movements and attacks
  • Always use an Ultra Ball on Red Circle “Rare” Pokémon!
  • Get more XP by evolving recently captured Pokémon! ~ Have candies ready.
  • Capture Magikarp until you UNLOCK the Big Magikarp Medal

PREPARE for Pokémon GO Fest and UNLOCK Gold Flying-type Medal, Grass-type Medal, Ice-type Medal, Fire-type Medal and Psychic-type Medal!

  1. Articuno Ice/Flying-type
  2. Zapdos Thunder/Flying-type
  3. Moltres Fire/Flying-type
  4. Mewtwo Psychic-type

“+3 Flying-type Catch Bonus for critical captures.”

  • Always Throw a Curved-Ball!
  • Discard Poké Balls to get extra bag space when needed
  • Appraise Pokémon Before Discarding/Transferring them!
  • Learn Your #Team’s Appraisal Messages!
  • Collect QUICK XP Points by throwing Poké Balls at every Pokémon and transferring them right after capture!
  • PREMIUM (100 Coin) Raid Passes Reward You With Premiums: Rare Candy, Golden Razz Berry, & TM’s
  • Evolve your Eevee to Espeon in the day and Umbreon in the night after walking Your Eevee for at least 10km
  • Lure “Rare” near-by Pokémon in places that have no PokéStops with Incense! 
  • Collect more Evolution Items by filling up your …. ___________.

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