pokemon is now pop culture


Okay so to talk generally about the major arcana I’ve pulled up a few examples.
Judgement is great. I think the decision to use fossil Pokémon is clever and it definitely informs the meaning of “Judgement” in this deck.
I wish the Tower would have been the Tower from Jhoto that was struck by lightning and that’s my biggest disappointment with the major arcana but hey. It’s still a good card. I love Giratina and putting them on the Tower makes sense too.
The Hanged Man is a card with a complicated history and it doesn’t historically mean what you think it means. I have a lot of problems with the Hanged Man’s tricky history in terms of how I want to read it. I’m glad that this card kind of makes it easier for me by giving me an entirely new meaning to go off of. I think using a joke about Inkay being upside down to evolve is the ideal representation of the Hanged Man, tbh. In my very personal opinion the Hanged Man should always be a joke.
And then the thing I found most interesting! The pairing of Death and Temperance as opposites by using the Death and Life Pokémon! Interesting choice. I wouldn’t have made this choice but I think I like it. I think it adds some complicated layers of nuance to this deck… the more I think about it the more interesting it becomes.

All the cards so far have had plenty of detail and beautiful artwork! I’m going to check out the minor arcana now!

I think I need to get into Pokemon pop culture paganism now. Considering how hard I got back into Pokemon this weekend (I think I clocked over 50 hours…), and how I’ve been thinking about getting back into pop culture paganism, and how many awesome choices there are with Pokemon, it just makes sense. It should be super fun. All the sweet spells I can make up, the Pokemon I can invoke and channel and make friends with… Just yes. @popculturepagan, I’m assuming you have resources on your blog for Pokemon somewhere? A tag? Know any PokéPagans? :)