pokemon is my life ok

can you imagine sam introducing steve and bucky to pokemon go

he has to go full Falcon just to catch up with those two super soldier nerds running around the entire goddamn city leveling up

they’re en route to a HYDRA base and bucky goes “wait steve drop me off here i’m gonna run the rest of the way” and steve is like “why the fuck” and bucky is like “i have EGGS TO HATCH, STEVE”

they’re under some alien attack and bucky is yelling at steve for backup but steve is on another street because “I HAVE TO CATCH THIS VULPIX”

meanwhile sam is just flying over a fountain dodging blasts because there’s a golduck

nat is the gym leader for the Avengers Tower gym and no one can beat her

Ok I got this dumb idea while thinking about Gold’s title as the “Breeder” and baby Pokemon and babies came to mind so I did this… 

I know a lot of people depict Gold as completely reckless (which he is mostly) but I think he’d be great with kids.. ya. Tbh I can totally see Gold doing this HAHAHA

Also here’s a bonus thingy

…I also need more mangaquestshipping in my life ok

✨ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATI!! ✨ sorry i was going to draw u smth more interesting but hopefully gary with his spiky anime hair & bifurcated eyebrows is acceptable

KIERAN!!!!! KIERAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


POKEMON AU!!!!!  (that I’m still sketching out and stuff haha)


Kuroo is a very loving trainer who’s always like “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU BBY ILU” after every battle

Hinata aspiring to be the best bird trainer ever

I have more ideas for other characters but I can’t draw as fast as my mind works hahaha… Also there’s a comic in progress?! Aaaand yeah. I fucking love Pokemon ok this has been with me my entire life /)v(\


Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

  • me before downlaoding pokemon go: ok so i'm not gonna let this consume my life
  • me today: has walked 25 miles in 80° heat, ran out into traffic twice, trespassed into neighboring apartment building and business parking lots
  • me today: .... wheres that fukcing eevee and how does it keep escaping