pokemon hellhound

Hey tumblr! I just did my monthly clean-out and unfollowed a bunch of inactive/dead blogs – therefore need more to follow!

If you post one or more of the following, please like/reblog and i’ll have a gander at your blog!

  • Photography - food, autumn, winter, animals, nature, glow, landscape, knick-knacks and rural/urban, asuka and nara architecture
  • Art - (doesn’t have to be your own) fan art, original characters, creepy, grunge, pixel, fantasy, multifandom. any medium or theme.
  • Fandoms - Magic the Gathering, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Digimon, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Welcome to Night Vale, Studio Ghibli, OFF (mortis ghost). I’m open to others as well, these are just my preferred ones.
  • Miscellaneous junk that I also like - black and white manga panels, anime gifs (mostly scenery and pokemon), hellhound art.

on a related note, I don’t ask people to tag things since I don’t bother with blacklists ever.