pokemon gymleader

Gary Oak! My friend and I were talking about how as a kid the anime is presented in the eyes of ash and we thought that gary was a bully.  But really when you think about it Gary is an awesome pokemon trainer who has a million babes, drives a red convertable at the age of 12, completes his pokedex, and becomes champion/gymleader/professor.  Ash is a loser in comparrison who doesn’t evolve anything and continues to be annoying. 


I wanted to add another layer to our fan fic backstory for the Pokemon Go Gym Leader drawings. And possibly flip the script on some of the existing characteristics of the 3.

Being a believer of the Pokemon War theory, I added that Spark’s father was a soldier in the war and actually died on the battlefield. Spark was young when this happened. Which to me, explains why he is the way he is, because he had to become an adult without his father. No one taught him how to be a man.

Spark wears his fathers jacket to honor him.