pokemon girls

@earceus just shared the Pocket Monsters Girls Mini-Charas with me, so! Here they are, aren’t they precious?!

Kasumi’s text is “Go! My steady!” (A number of characters have unique calls to battle, like Shinji’s “Battle standby!”/Paul’s “Standby for battle!”, but there’s no dub equivalent for Misty, I think.)

“I’m a little happy, kamo (maybe)~!“ (Haruka’s characteristic “kamo” verbal tic that makes her sound very unsure, even when she says her name ^3^; … the dub missed out on making her say “maybe“ a lot, when they even named her May!)

“Daijo~bu!“/”It’s o~kay!“ Hikari’s catchphrase, original equivalent of Dawn’s “No need to worry!”

“That Satoshi (Ash)– what a kid!“ Iris’ catchphrase, of course!

“I’m finally at the starting line to the race to my dream!“ an iconic Serena line. ^^