pokemon ghost black

  • Chansey’s soulless gaze.
  • The “feast”.
  • Sachiko Shinozaki showing up at the end.

Th-thanks, GameFreak. It’s not like I didn’t find the Old Chateau creepy already.

Cheryl is a cutie, though. I guess now we know why she needed an escort through Eterna Forest and ran away from the Old Chateau as soon as she got near it.

And props for the nod to the Black Fog from the Electric Tale of Pikachu.


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Out of all the ghost type pokemon, by far, the most terrifying one of all has to be Cofagrigus.  First off, it’s pre-evolution Yamask is actually a deceased HUMAN holding the mask of the face it once had.  Once the mask engulfs the lost soul, it become a territorial sentient coffin.  Anyone unfortunate enough to try and grave rob this pokemon’s treasures will be stuffed inside it’s golden chest for all eternity.

As for this animation, I only animated one hand and warped/flipped it for the rest.  Somehow making an effect that’s both grabbing and intimidating.  Fun fun!


This is the rest of my office and collection.

Day 242 - Chandela | シャンデラ | Chandelure

Chandela lurks within the abandoned stone dwellings of ancient people. Within modern society, stories have been passed down of stone obelisks that light up with an eerie purple glow in the night. These are Chandela lighting the darkness for wanderers.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day. Alternate colorations below, including shiny.)

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PumpkabooOoo was a piece I worked on back in 2013 when I found out about the first grass / ghost combination pokemon :) I love me some grass types, and a pumpkin to boot! Rather than going the traditional cute route with this guy, I wanted to expound on its ‘creepier’ side in essentially being the Charon of the pokemon universe.