pokemon genderbent

anonymous asked:

How about genderbent Lillie? And Gladion? And Hau?


* He’s not as shy and reserved, but does get nervous around groups or new people.

* He also has a bit of social anxiety , so he’ll always go out with a friend or two.

* He’ll also be almost always wearing a scarf despite the warm weather. He has all kinds of different designs and colors for them and will make some for his friends as gifts.


* She can be very snarky and may come off as a bitch to new people she meets. It’s her way of pushing people away as she has a hard time connecting with others.

* She’s a very loyal friend though and is always ready to stand up for them and Lillie.

* She’s also a very good artist and love to draw all the different pokemon she sees that day.


* She’ll collect and find the most randomest things and proceed to show everyone before putting it in her pockets. She picks up so many things that she jangles a bit when she walks.

* She’s a bit clumsy and will sometimes trip over nothing or her own feet if she’s running.

* She’s not one to really care about her fashion, as long as she’s comfortable she’s good to go.

anonymous asked:

As a follow-up to the gb Guzma, how about some genderbent Plumeria hc?

*gasp* yes, my dude!

* As soon as anyone saw him they would know not to screw with him. They would look very intimidating no one would even think to mess with the grunts when he’s around.

* He’s a softie with the grunts though. He’s still just as caring and protective as his female counterpart

* He would actually be pretty chill, never letting his emotions getting the better of him. It would take A LOT to piss him off enough to show it.