pokemon fuse


I did these a while ago when those pokemon cross breed were still a thing and then i completly forgot about it. I came across this again the other day and i decided to share it!

I based mine of my favorite pokemon, Lilligant, and basic RPG classes (I planned to add thief and Archer but couldn’t figure out which pokemon to fuse her with lol, must be why I didn’t finished it.)

I couldn’t really find a Pikachu with Ash’s hat on it that I liked, so I decided to make my own sprite! This is an original sprite, so if you’d like to recreate it, please give me credit for the design :)

I used the Pokemon Sun and Moon Ash’s Pikachu 3D model as reference to create this sprite. I think he turned out pretty awesome :D


I totally made up this pattern back in like, 2015 but never got around to making it. So last year I made it up for Christmas! It looked pretty neat! This one ended up being sold, so I do need to make another for my self haha