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Pokemon Fusion - Artinine

Artinine dwell in the northern regions of Hoenn in small family units. They are classified as pseudo-legendary beasts because of their power and rarity in the wild. In the colonial years of the small region, Artinine were far more populace than they are today, but were hunted for their pelts and for their crest feathers, which were said to grant wishes to those that owned them.

Artinine are the only known Pokémon with the dual fire and ice category type. Their ability to breathe flames so hot that they are coloured blue is matched only be a few others, including mega-evolution based Charizard and other dragon types. As such, trainers that manage to breed or capture one are commended for their skill at taming such a beast.

Along with their raw elemental power, they are agile and strong hunters, taking down large mountain-dwelling Pokémon for prey, and are capable of using a wide array of attacks to do so. They are extremely difficult to capture, and even harder to breed in captivity, the chicks taking at least 5 years (or 60 months) to mature without supplements or training. For those that manage the task of raising one, Artinine are exceptionally loyal, and a powerful ally.

Second pokemon fusion, this time of Arcanine and Articuno! And i thought, hell yeah, blue demi-griffin! Loved doing this guy, plus i actually want one for my own now too. I am also pretty chuffed i managed to get this done in under two days. The background is a re purposed image from shutter stock, to note. A good piece of practice :)

Hope you like him!

Ratings of Ash by Gens

Gens 1 and 2

The original hero! We first meet this guy at the very start of his journey. Though it was a rough start, he overcame a lot of obstacles, and learned a lot from them! He and Pikachu became best buddies, and we saw how passionate he is for Pokemon and Pokemon battles! 10/10

Gen 3

Look at this fashionable boy! He’s ready to take on the Hoenn region! Along with his friends, new and old, he explores a brand new region, with brand new Pokemon! He’s a more experienced trainer, and even became an aura master, and the king of the sea! 10/10

Gen 4

Our favorite boy again! This time in the Sinnoh region! And what a good boy he was! He became friends with lots of new Pokemon, and got even stronger! He took a poor Chimchar abused by his rival, and turned into the battling machine known as Infernape! He matured as a trainer, and look at that Pikachu, taking out a Latios in the semifinals of the Sinnoh league! WOW! 10/10

Gen 5

Aww! What a sweet little boy! How cute! He and Pikachu are still best buddies! He’s carefree and prefers taking chances! He doesn’t let anything get in his way! Though he was a little on the shaky side, that’s ok! It’s a whole new region with so many new friends to make! Everyone makes a few mistakes here and there, but he is still a good boy! 10/10

Gen 6

WOWZA! Look at this boy! Looks like he got a bit older! Look how strong he is! He came off the plane to Kalos with his head held high and a huge smile on his face! He raised some amazingly strong Pokemon, and can even fuse with one of them! WHAT! SO COOL! He supports his Kalosian friends no matter what, and he even got himself a girlfriend! He made it all the way to the finals of the Kalos League, then took down the evil Team Flare! What a strong boy! So proud! 10/10

Gen 7

AWW!!!! LOOK AT THIS LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL! He looks a bit different, but that’s ok, being different isn’t bad! He’s in the paradise that is the Alola region, making lots of new friends at school! And look at how responsible he is, going back to school after traveling for so long! He’s such a pure boy, we must protect him! 10/10

inspired by this post here by pkmncenters :)

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fuse with blush omg



Cutiechu’s are very fragile, despite being fragile they for some unknown reason love getting the attention of humans, wild or not. They’ll rub their faces on the humans hands until they get their desired attention and love. Due to them getting very attached and being very small they are good pets and can be taken anywhere. they make very soft squeaking noises when they are happy. Thier diet consists of fruits, nectar and sugar water.


*sweats* okay look I can explain-

For uh undisclosed reasons, I wondered what it would look like if the two beloved spicy beef bois of the Pokemon fandom were fused and uh well,,,WELLL,,,

(Real talk though its because I saw a dude at the beach in a blue wetsuit with a white lab coat over it. The fusion’s name is Naupaka. Chill but loud duncle. INTENSE WHEN EEXXCITED)