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Ratings of Ash by Gens

Gens 1 and 2

The original hero! We first meet this guy at the very start of his journey. Though it was a rough start, he overcame a lot of obstacles, and learned a lot from them! He and Pikachu became best buddies, and we saw how passionate he is for Pokemon and Pokemon battles! 10/10

Gen 3

Look at this fashionable boy! He’s ready to take on the Hoenn region! Along with his friends, new and old, he explores a brand new region, with brand new Pokemon! He’s a more experienced trainer, and even became an aura master, and the king of the sea! 10/10

Gen 4

Our favorite boy again! This time in the Sinnoh region! And what a good boy he was! He became friends with lots of new Pokemon, and got even stronger! He took a poor Chimchar abused by his rival, and turned into the battling machine known as Infernape! He matured as a trainer, and look at that Pikachu, taking out a Latios in the semifinals of the Sinnoh league! WOW! 10/10

Gen 5

Aww! What a sweet little boy! How cute! He and Pikachu are still best buddies! He’s carefree and prefers taking chances! He doesn’t let anything get in his way! Though he was a little on the shaky side, that’s ok! It’s a whole new region with so many new friends to make! Everyone makes a few mistakes here and there, but he is still a good boy! 10/10

Gen 6

WOWZA! Look at this boy! Looks like he got a bit older! Look how strong he is! He came off the plane to Kalos with his head held high and a huge smile on his face! He raised some amazingly strong Pokemon, and can even fuse with one of them! WHAT! SO COOL! He supports his Kalosian friends no matter what, and he even got himself a girlfriend! He made it all the way to the finals of the Kalos League, then took down the evil Team Flare! What a strong boy! So proud! 10/10

Gen 7

AWW!!!! LOOK AT THIS LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL! He looks a bit different, but that’s ok, being different isn’t bad! He’s in the paradise that is the Alola region, making lots of new friends at school! And look at how responsible he is, going back to school after traveling for so long! He’s such a pure boy, we must protect him! 10/10

inspired by this post here by pkmncenters :)


*sweats* okay look I can explain-

For uh undisclosed reasons, I wondered what it would look like if the two beloved spicy beef bois of the Pokemon fandom were fused and uh well,,,WELLL,,,

(Real talk though its because I saw a dude at the beach in a blue wetsuit with a white lab coat over it. The fusion’s name is Naupaka. Chill but loud duncle. INTENSE WHEN EEXXCITED)

playing pokemon moon

yeah cause people interfering with the natural and unnatural laws of the pokemon world has worked out so well, hasn’t it.




not to mention all the other things that have happened that i don’t have the full details on like; teams aqua and magma, galactic, plasma, flare and what they were doing. reviving an old pokemon and modifying it with a lazer cannon on its back, something from x and y about a giant doomsday weapon that destroys life and grants immortality. other things that have happened in the anime and other movies (there was a war!) and that guy that created a machine that made SOLID HOLOGRAMS OF POKEMON. and some things don’t even need to be interfered with because its already nuts like how deoxys is a freaking ALIEN SPACE VIRUS that MUTATED INTO A LIVING CREATURE. at this rate whats next huh we got the ultra beasts now and who knows what that will bring in the future so whats next huh space pokemon, a pokemon X-form, pikachu has a normal evolve form then a stone evolve form, pokemon breeding that makes new pokemon like say a fire type breeds with a tauros to make a fire-bull pokemon, pokemon fusing , humans becoming or fusing with pokemon (cause i heard of a theory like this). come on, whats next, bring it on, what can you do now, cause anything could now happen right, come on, bring it!


we interrupt this rant for new information. at the time of this play-through of the game these were my thoughts at the time and we now bring you the sequel to these thoughts by cutting to weeks later also far warning to our viewers, spoilers



Hi I’m bad at making my own deadlines. Part one of who the hell knows of making every single Pokemon.

Because I tend to torture myself