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Me and my friend sat down a week or two ago and literally fucking, thought about which Pokemon the DRV3 cast would have. These are the Pokemon we decided for Ouma Kokichi.

Zekrom is seen as the Pokemon of ideals. It assists those who seek to create an ideal world. It wishes for a strong and noble world. It’s essentially the ‘opposite’, of Reshiram (Aka Shuichi’s Pokemon), the Pokemon of truth.
It’s also said that “When the hero turns darkness into light and the hero’s heart becomes one with the Pokémon, Zekrom shall descend and lend the hero his power.“

Zoroark is a Pokemon of illusions and deceit. It’s a perfect example of Kokichi’s lies and walls he puts up. It’s also described to be super protective of it’s pack and it’s lair and uses tricks to beat it’s opponents.

Klefki, as a symbol of his lock-picking skills. It’s also a very trolly Pokemon, with it’s ability prankster. It’s essentially Kokichi’s skeleton key.

Sableye, also another prank happy Pokemon. A gem eyed ghost Pokemon is also a good fit for a person who liked to pretend they were the Phantom Thief. Though it’s best ability is Prankster, it’d probably be run as a Mega, so it’d have Magic Bounce.

Toxapex, mainly since it’s a bit of an asshole, as a really trolly stall Pokemon that’d be a good fit for Kokichi.

Mime Jr., because it’s the closest thing to a clown, to be honest. It’d probably be Team Dice’s mascot. Probably my least favorite of the picks, but that’s more so since it’s more of a mime then a clown.
Mime Jr. stays out of his Pokeball all the time, and usually mimics what Kokichi is doing.

Pokemon that were really close options, but didn’t make it in the end were Mimikyu, Gengar, Blacephalon. Blacephalon was the top choice, aka UB Burst, looks a lot like a clown, but is apparently it’s a fireworks Pokemon? That explains the Fire/Ghost typing.

Team Dice would be talked up as this super big evil team, even bigger then Team Rocket. But, there only ever seems to be the same ten grunts??? Super suspicious. Zekrom is their fucking trump card, and Kokichi rarely uses him, but he talks up this awesome legendary his team has. No one believes him till he uses it and they’re fucking floored.

ciderpuppy  asked:

Have any for Goodra?

A viral video in the Pokémon world featured a song involving a Goodra, gumdrops, and a synthesizer.

Goodra like to hug. They do not always like to let go. Very young children, people with back problems, and elders are warned to avoid them.

Goodra dislike loud noises. Like the illegal fireworks currently going off in my neighborhood.