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Have any for Goodra?

A viral video in the Pokémon world featured a song involving a Goodra, gumdrops, and a synthesizer.

Goodra like to hug. They do not always like to let go. Very young children, people with back problems, and elders are warned to avoid them.

Goodra dislike loud noises. Like the illegal fireworks currently going off in my neighborhood.

Pokemon: New Year’s Fireworks

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a Happy New Year! I just wanted to drop something off for you guys to enjoy this year, so I hope  ou guys  like my new haudion fic! Please enjoy, and I guess I will see you all next year! <3

In all honestly, Gladion just wanted to sleep the night away. Even though it was New Years Eve, and most people celebrated and partied most of the night away, all the blond wanted to do was just lay in the dark like he always was. But now that he had met Hau and the others, Gladion knew that this peaceful silence wasn’t going to last very long. Letting out a small sigh, the blond closed his eyes, and went to snuggle his head in Hau’s pillow that he borrowed, but when a loud bang and crackle was heard, the boy let out a small yelp, and flung straight up in the bed. Getting out of the bed so fast that his feet almost got caught in the sheets, Gladion flung open the door, and looked around the room. Hau was nowhere to be seen, and more loud booms where echoing around the house, and the blond could literally feel the floors vibrating under his bare feet from the intensity of it. Opening the door to the huge home, the blond glanced out into the darkening outside, and came face to face with Hau setting up yet another firework.

                       “Hau?! What are you doing?!” Gladion yelled, and watched as the bottle rocket flew and lit up the sky with reddish orange sparks. Hau watched in amazement, before turning around to look at the blond with a huge smile. Gladion blushed slightly as the lasting firework lit up Hau’s sparkling grey eyes that shone with excitement and wonder. Running over to the taller blond, the brunet jumped up, and wrapped his arms around the boy’s neck, nuzzling into his chest. Gladion was glad it was dark so that the other couldn’t see how much his face was lighting up in embarrassment. “You know I was trying to sleep, right?”

                       “Oh, I forgot! But why are you sleeping? It’s New Years Eve! You should be celebrating with me! How about it?” Hau snickered out, letting go of the flustered blond as he ran back towards the box full of fireworks. Gladion cleared his throat, and slowly followed the excited brunet over towards the box. Kneeling down, the blond looked through the box, and saw all kinds of things. Hala must’ve gotten them for the boy. Glancing at Hau, Gladion couldn’t help the smile that rose on his face as he noticed the other bouncing with glee. Feeling eyes on him, Hau looked into the curious green eyes, and handed him a firework. “Here! I’ll have Flareon light it for you!”

Gladion watched as Hau summoned the pokemon from the pokeball, and smiled when the fox pokemon shook it’s fur out, and peeped happily. It reminded him of Hau in a way. Shaking out of his daze, the blond reached in his pajama bottom’s pocket, and pulled out Silvally’s pokeball. Letting it out, the teen patted the white mane, and chuckled when the beast’s tongue lapped at his rosy cheek. Hau giggled along with him, before throwing out the rest of his pokemon, they should be able to have fun too. Doing the same, trainers watched as the pokemon all cheered, and ran around to play. Glancing back at Flareon, the blond bent down, and showed the wick of the firework to the pokemon. Watching it nod, the blond watched as the red fox lit the string carefully, before he placed it on the ground, and both trainers and pokemon ran away from it. Seeing the thing light, and burst, Gladion glanced at the sky, and watched as blue and green sparks and lit up the sky.

                               “Wow! That one was so pretty! Look at it Gladion!” the cheerful brunet cheered, running around the sparks with a huge smile. The blond nodded, and watched as the blue and green sparks began to fade away, before Hau reached in the box, and grabbed out a handful of fireworks. Gladion felt his green eyes widen as the brunet told Flareon to light them all at once. When it happened, the blond cursed, and ran towards the eagerly bouncing trainer. Wrapping his arms around the other’s waist, Gladion pulled them away just as the fireworks went off with a boom, and the whole ground vibrated from the force of it. Feeling his breath leave him as Hau landed on top of him as they fell, Gladion stared up at the dark sky to see a rainbow of colors, before the brunet’s face came into his view, blocking the terrifying yet beautiful sight. “Gladion! I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking. Are you okay? You’re not hurt, are you?”

                       “N-no…I think I’m okay,” Gladion groaned, sitting up slightly. Rubbing the back of his head, the blond glanced around, and noticed the pokemon scattered, but they were looking at him in concern. Smiling softly at them, Gladion turned his attention to Hau, who was still sitting in between the blond’s legs, looking him up and down, most likely checking for any injuries. Sighing, the blond patted the worried brunet’s head, and cupped his cheek. Seeing the pout still evident on Hau’s face, Gladion rolled his eyes, and brought the other closer to him by his sides. Feeling the blond’s hands on his sides, Hau yelped and squirmed, making Gladion smirk and dig his fingers softly in the little bit of pudge the brunet had there. “Do I have to make that pout disappear?”

           Shaking his head, Hau brought his hands up, and covered the shaky smile that was beginning to wobble onto his blushing face. Shaking his head, Gladion gave the boy a mischievous smirk, and quickly squeezed his fingers up the wiggling boy’s sides up to his armpits. Feeling this, Hau gasped through his hands, and squeezed his arms to his sides as bubbly giggles began to feel from his mouth as he squirmed. The blond’s smirk faded into a grin as he brought Hau into his lap, and continued his ticklish touches. Hau squirmed and squeaked as Gladion’s hands wiggled out of his armpits and down his ribs, making their way down to his tummy with gently pokes. Shoving his face into the blond’s neck, Hau pleaded through his shaky laughter. Gently digging his fingers into the brunet’s trembling belly, Gladion watched as Hau shrieked silently and shook in his hold.

                       “Okay! O-okahahahahahahay! I promise nohohohoho more pouting!” Hau screeched in the blond’s neck, pulling away to looking into Gladion’s smug face. Seeing the tears making their way down the brunet’s cheeks, the blond put on a thinking face as he fluttered his fingers down to Hau’s hips, making the boy arch up, and beg even more. Seeing how wrecked he made the trainer, Gladion slowed his tickling to a stop, and pressed their foreheads together. Hau whined through his pants, as he glared lightly at the blond, but after a while, he just sighed, and nuzzled the other’s face. Gladion hummed in response, and brought the other closer until their chests were pressed together, and he was able to rest his chin on Hau’s head as they cuddled. Listening to their pokemon still running around and playing now that the big firework scare was over, the blond glanced back at the box, and rubbed Hau’s back. “Gladion, can we finish the fireworks? Something tells me that it’s close to midnight.”

                       “Sure…Come on. After this is done, we can rest, if that’s okay.” Seeing Hau nod hard, the blond smiled, and brushed the boy’s bangs back lovingly. Hau grinned, before standing up, holding his hand out for Gladion to take. Taking it, the blond stood up, and watched as the excited brunet called back his Flareon, and took more fireworks out of the box. Luckily, he seemed to learn from the past mistake, because he let the pokemon light them one at a time instead of all at once. Seeing more rainbow sparks fly and pop in the air, Gladion sat back and watched as the cheerful trainer laughed and danced around shimmering lights. Feeling something butt his back, the blond turned to see Silvally looking at him with a knowing look. Blushing slightly, Gladion just sighed, and rubbed the pokemon’s head. “Yeah, I know. Come on, let’s have some fun for one…I guess.”

Walking over to the cheering boy, Gladion took a firework from the other, and let Hau’s Flareon light it. Seeing the bottle rocket shoot in the air, the blond glanced at the happy brunet, and flushed when the boy took their hands together. Hau was warm, unlike Gladion, who was starting to get a little cold. Smiling softly at the brunet, the blond gently pulled them closer until their sides were pressed together, and Gladion could feel the warmth radiating off the other. Hau giggled at this, and snuggled into the other’s arms, letting his fire pokemon light the rest of the smaller fireworks. Watching them light and then fly, Gladion looked down at the shorter boy, and smiled. If it wasn’t for Hau, he wouldn’t be able to celebrate a holiday like this. Hau turned to meet the blond’s gaze, and watched as something shined in his eyes. And as the last firework whistled through the air, and the clock struck midnight, Gladion pressed a soft kiss to Hau’s lips.