pokemon fire red and leafgreen

Jealous Red headcanons

• Red doesn’t get jealous very often because he trusts you a lot and knows that you wouldn’t be unfaithful to him. However, when Red does get jealous…
• If looks could kill, whoever Red is jealous of might as well be buried 6ft underground. Red’s glare is ice cold and very, very frightening
• He’ll silently guard over you like a statue, making sure no one else gets closer to you than needed
• Sometimes, one of Red’s Pokemon will let themselves out of their pokeball and make you pay attention to them instead of who you’re talking too
• If you two are holding hands and Red feels jealous, he might accidentally grasp it too hard and hurt you. Once you let him know your hand hurt he’d get super worried and apologize like crazy
• All in all, Red isn’t the type of person who gets jealous often but it will happen occasionally

Gary Oak! My friend and I were talking about how as a kid the anime is presented in the eyes of ash and we thought that gary was a bully.  But really when you think about it Gary is an awesome pokemon trainer who has a million babes, drives a red convertable at the age of 12, completes his pokedex, and becomes champion/gymleader/professor.  Ash is a loser in comparrison who doesn’t evolve anything and continues to be annoying.