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Hot Dog (Ordinary Heroes AU Snippet)

During Lightning’s pregnancy she developed a very unusual craving. While she’d been journeying across the world as a teenager en route to becoming a pokemon master, she’d stopped at a small hot dog stand in the middle of nowhere. The hot dogs she’d eaten there had been the best she’d ever had.

Now that she was pregnant, she found herself wanting to eat some every couple of days. 

There was just one problem.

The hot dog stand was on another continent.

Enter Bahamut.

Bahamut was a dragonite. No. He was the dragonite. There had never been a dragonite stronger than him, nor had there ever been a dragonite faster than him. And as Fang’s loyal pokemon and stalwart supporter, he knew exactly what to do.

X     X     X

Bill had been running the hot dog stand in the small, out of the way town for the better part of forty years now. He didn’t make a lot of money, just enough to get by and set a little bit extra aside each month, but he loved doing it. He must have been doing something right, though, because at least a couple of times a week he had people come by from out of town to try a hot dog. Lately, he’d even been getting someone from even further out.

He looked up as a crack of thunder roared through the sky. A familiar blur of black and purple shot through the sky like a meteor before coming in to land in front of the stand.

“Oh, it’s you again.” Bill’s wrinkled features creased into a smile. “Back for some more hot dogs, eh, Bahamut?”

The mighty dragonite nodded his agreement and reached into the satchel at his side for the appropriate amount of money. 

“Just wait a couple of minutes. I’ve got a fresh batch coming up.”

Bahamut nodded again and looked around. There were a few customers staring at him, and even a pair of kids who appeared to be pokemon trainers. He gave them a warm smile, and they gaped before rushing over. He was famous all over the world as the mightiest of dragonites, and he’d recently competed in a tournament with Fang and some of her other pokemon. It had been an invitational tournament pitting former world champions, gym leaders, and other prominent trainers against each other in a round-robin style league.

Fang had won the whole thing, going 14-0. As usual, Bahamut had served as the anchor for her team, and although he’d only fought seven times, those seven victories had been absolutely devastating. Four had been over fairy types, two had been over an ice types, and one had been against another dragon type. He snorted. He wasn’t planning on losing any time soon, and certainly not to another dragon type.

Bahamut humoured the kids, answering their questions and even using his claws to give them an autograph of sorts. He also posed for a few pictures. One of the kids even had a dratini, so Bahamut offered the younger pokemon some tips as well. At the same time, he wondered if he’d have a chance to do something like this with the child Lightning and Fang were having. It would certainly be a rewarding experience.

Fang had found him when she’d been a kid, and he’d only recently hatched. His odd colouring had made him an easy target until he’d finally grown big and strong enough to defend himself. And then he’d just kept getting bigger and stronger until there really weren’t many pokemon at all who could give him a challenge. 

“Here you go!” Bill said, coming back with several carefully wrapped hot dogs. “Now, be careful with those, okay? I know how fast you can fly, but you might ruin them if you go too fast.”

Bahamut had thought of that after almost destroying the hot dogs on his previous flight. He had asked Vanille, Fang’s sister and the world’s leading professor, to come up with a solution. She had designed a special hot dog carrier that would keep them warm and unharmed, no matter how quickly he flew. He offered the carrier to Bill.

“Oh? Not bad.” Bill put the hot dogs in the carrier and handed it back to Bahamut. “Well, now, take care. See you tomorrow?”

Bahamut made a noncommittal sound. It was hard to tell with Lightning sometimes. He tucked the carrier back into his satchel and then took to the air again. A single mighty beat of his wings launched him skyward, and there was another crack of thunder as he accelerated past the sound barrier.

A normal dragonite in fighting shape topped out at about 1500 miles per hour in the air. Bahamut could do that without even trying. He’d never had his top speed measured, but he knew for a fact he could do at least double that if he pushed himself.

He grinned and upped his speed, the world rushing past.

Flying was the best.

X     X     X

Fang glanced up as a familiar form rocketed toward the ranch. Her lips curved up into a smirk. She’d been forced to get special aviation clearance for Bahamut after he’d been spotted putting fighter planes to shame. The winged pokemon banked once to burn off some speed and then landed on the front lawn.

“Thanks, buddy,” Fang murmured as Bahamut carefully handed her the carrier full of hot dogs. “You have no idea how much this helps.” She lowered her voice. Lightning’s hearing had seemingly gotten keener during her pregnancy. “She’s been glaring at everyone all day while muttering about hot dogs.”

Bahamut gave a low rumble of amusement.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. You can always fly away if she gets mad. Me? I’ve got to stick it out.”

Fang ignored her pokemon’s chuckle and turned back to the house, raising her voice again. “Lightning!” she shouted. “Bahamut just got back with some hot dogs!”

The answering cry of delight was music to Fang’s ears.

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Pairing : Guzma X Reader/Female Protag(18+)
Plot : A late night visit meant to quell guilt doesn’t go exactly as expected.
Rating & Warnings : Mature, Abuse Mention
Is There Bangin’ ? : I wrote, you better believe this is

Notes : OKAY, this is the first fic I’ve written since I was a wee bab of sixteen, so I am. A tad rusty. STILL. It was fun to write, and I hope you enjoy it ~!

Also, I have it uploaded to fanfiction, so if it’s easier to read there than on my blog, here is the link ~

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Twenty things I could be working on and this is what I do over winter break

I played through Moon recently and thought of the perfect nickname for my Litten. Then came the thought of punk girl!Ryuuko growing up alongside her starter Pokemon Senketsu ^^’

Dress Up (Legend of Korra AU Snippet)

“Why exactly do I have to cosplay as a squirtle?” Korra asked.

Asami smiled. “Because the children at the hospital love pokemon, and I can’t waterbend. You, however, can waterbend.” She kissed Korra’s cheek. “Plus, I think you’d make an adorable squirtle.”

Korra sighed. “Why do I have the feeling that you’ve already got a costume prepared for me?”

“Because I knew you’d say yes, you big softie.”

“Well, this is the only time I’m doing it.”

Asami gave her a thoughtful look. “Well… as the might Avatar, master of four elements, there are a few other pokemon you could cosplay as to amuse the kids at the hospital. I think you’d make a pretty decent charizard too. If you combined your airbending with your firebending, you could even fly around while breathing fire. And don’t even get me started on all the rock or ground pokemon you could dress up as.”

“Are you sure you aren’t doing this just because you want to see me dress up as a pokemon?”

“Maybe a little, but it’s mostly for the children.” Asami’s brows furrowed. “Can you bend lightning?”

“Uh… I’m trying to learn.”

“Good. Then you can be pikachu too.”


Wishiwashi have long symbolized organized labor in Alola, for while any individual Wishiwashi is only marginally stronger than a Magikarp, they can unite into a mighty leviathan. Pamphlets from Alola’s early industrial age exhorted workers to unite by picturing lone Wishiwashi chained or beaten by Grumpig, and their mighty school form chasing those same Grumpig away. In this period of Alola’s history, simply owning a Wishiwashi was strongly suggestive of union sympathies, complete with scattered reports of bosses blacklisting workers on the basis of their pokemon teams.

Yet humans can interpret their pokemon in a variety of ways, and a certain dictator ruling a coastal country far from Alola also prized the Wishiwashi, even while shooting striking workers; to him and his sycophants, it represented national unity, not class struggle.  And to be fair, the notion of many pokemon banding together into a powerful school can approximate any union, not simply a labor union; scattered universities around the world have chosen Wishiwashi as their mascots for this very reason, and argue that, as Wishiwashi join into schools, they have the strongest claim of all on these pokemon.

Yet pokemon rarely neatly map onto human symbolism, and the oft-praised unity of Wishiwashi does not last for a whole battle; when wounded, a Wishiwashi’s comrades will scatter, leaving it to face defeat alone.  While an embittered few have compared this trait to the actions of scabs or traitors, later generations of revolutionary guerillas have found inspiration in this behavior.   For while one Wishiwashi may be defeated, or even (in the wild) eaten when they scatter, the rest survive to re-school and take revenge on their predators, whenever they get their chance.  Although they are amazingly strong when united, Wishiwashi, like successful revolutionaries, grasp the importance of surviving to fight another day.

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend me some Pokespe fics? 🕊💛

Hey there, anon! I’m quite surprised you asked me this question, but I’m thankful that you did. :)

*rubs my hands together* I got a few, really good fanfics to recommend. Some are new, some are old. Most of them are Franticshipping ones (where Ruby and Sapphire are in character), but I will also recommend my friends’ fanfics too. And it’s obvious I mostly read the franticshipping ones, hehe… well… THEY’RE MY OTP OKAY. I JUST LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP/RELATIONSHIP AND AHHHHH. T-T

I’m new to AO3 so most of these are from FFN since I’ve been there for five years with that old account, but don’t visit that account. It’s abandoned and an embarrassment and the fact that I have a crossover fanfic there with 32 chapters that hasn’t been updated for 4 years. XD

Franticshipping fanfics:

  • Lost Fragments - yeah, that’s the current sort of franticshipping fanfic I am working on. It’s a modern AU fanfic and it’s dedicated to my amazing friend and sister and the number one Pokespe nerd for me. (Hey @fallan-angel , hehe. *hugs Fallan* ^^). I really need to control this habit of “literally bragging the people whom I admire and respect” to everyone. I’ve published the first two chapters and I’m currently writing chapter 10. I’ll try to update this monthly, though, hoping college won’t get in the way. I know I’m kinda cheating for promoting my own fanfic, hehe, so I’m sorry for that. But it would totally mean a lot to me if you read this. I have some other franticshipping fanfics in my FFN profile but I think most of them are an embarrassment, hehe. Plus, I need to edit those grammatical errors, so it really is embarrassing.
  • Canvas Of Life - another modern AU franticshipping fanfic (for the second chapter) and a specialshipping one (in the first chapter). It’s feelsy. I love this. It’s amazing. They are all in character and Arceus it’s just beautiful. The author also had a lot of great Spe fanfics in there too, so check it out as well. :D
  • Ruby Tuesdays - another modern AU franticshipping fanfic, hehe. This is beautiful. You could say that this and Canvas of Life guided me to write LF correctly. Setting the characters in a modern AU is a toughie, but these authors managed to do it beautifully. ^^
  • Amnesiac -  THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL. It uses deep vocabulary but it is one of the most beautifully written franticshipping fanfics out there. It’s just simply amazing. Even Adex agrees with me on this one, hehe. (Well, since he also reviewed in this fanfic. Don’t read my review, though. I was a naive kid back then. XD)
  • House Rivalry - A Harry Potter AU frantic fanfic, hehe. It is also on going. Though it may have some grammar problems, since the author did mention that English is not their first language, it’s still a beautiful fanfic. Ruby and Sapphire are in character. Read it. It’s beautiful.

Other Spe fanfics:

  • The Last Beast - TLB is an action-packed fanfic written by my good friend, a writer whom I admire and respect, Totally Not Adex. Adex is a great writer. TLB is an amazing fanfic. A bloody masterpiece as I would like to call it. Although you better prepare for some deaths, especially the death of your fave dexholders. *looks at TLB C10* I AM STILL STANDING AND ADEX KNOWS WHAT WILL DESTROY ME AS TLB PROGRESSES. *cries in a corner*
  • Somehow - A short, luckyshipping fanfic written by @gresh113​. It’s short but beautiful. Go and read it.
  • Of course, if you’re looking for some Pokespe Fairy Tale fanfics, go and read @falcon-of-the-fall ’s works.

Okay, I may have suggested too many fanfics, but I assure you, they’re all great. :D

Well, I don’t know about my works, though. Hehe. I mean… curse this low self confidence thingy